Alternative title: “Had Enough?”

From an email – Bill Clinton speaks about our nation’s direction today.

In the eight years I was privileged to serve as President, we set a positive course for this country by working together. Because of the work we did, our country made real progress.

That is just the truth. Things were FAR from perfect at the end of Clinton’s 8 years. But our national situation, in many different areas, was much better then than now. Much better.

We can continue to let the Republicans do it their way and lead this country in the wrong direction. Or, we can do everything in our power to win one of the most critical elections of our lifetime and put America back on track.

That means

  • ensuring retirement security for our seniors,
  • taking climate change seriously and
  • finding new energy solutions,
  • stopping partisanship and
  • reaching across the religious and cultural divides of this world.

It’s time to do something about the fact that Americans overwhelmingly feel that this country is going in the wrong direction.


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