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PRAYER – posts prior to 2023

– 5 Simple Keys to Good Christian Living
– Prayer for Everybody. 5 Ways to Make Prayer Doable for You
– You Can Be Very Serious AND Funny (Frank Laubach)
– Face to Face With God – Your Words, Not Borrowed Ones (Frank Laubach)
– We Need LITTLE Answers to Prayer – they Might be BIG, or Might Not.
– Let Nothing Upset You; Let Nothing Frighten You; Even Now. (Teresa of Avila)
– 4 Short Thoughts on Thanksgiving
– 3 Short Lists for Making Thanksgiving Work
– Spiritual Tune-up: Sincerity in PRAYER
– Spiritual Tune-up: It Takes SILENCE
– Give Thanks Freely – but Not for EVERYthing!
– The Quiet Places in Our Lives Make Our Public Activity Safer
– You Can Pray and Still Be Wrong
– Young People Changing the World: Activism and Prayer – “Occupy Spirituality” by Bucko & Fox
– John Paul II: Private Prayer and the Dangers of Public Life
– Email – She Is Eager to Scare Us All!
– How Goes Your Pilgrimage? – Parker Palmer, a Quaker View
– Spiritual Refreshment – A Musical Bath for Our Souls
– The Soul of Prayer – Peter Taylor Forsyth on Spiritual Genuis
– Does Prayer “Work”? “Scientific & Pastoral Perspectives…”
– You Can Pray And Still Be Very Wrong
– As We Think, So We Are
– A Prayer About Intimacy, Beauty, and Spiritual Reality
– Think Thanks on Thanksgiving
– Prayer: An Excercise in Reality Therapy
– “Thoroughness and Charm”
– President Harry Truman’s Integrity Prayer
– Real Prayer in the Real World
– Egotism in Prayer
– Jesus on “Some Who Were Confident of Their Own Righteousness.” Not pretty.
– Daily “Sabbath”: an Ignatian-Style Meditation & Prayer Site
– 2 Keys in Daniel’s Prayer Life – Good Example!
– Thanksgiving – Think
– Learning Jesus
– Should We Legislate Christianity?

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