Justice Repentance

Only Justice Can Stop A Curse

“Only justice can stop a curse.” That’s from Alice Walker via Paul Rogat Loeb in The Impossible Will Take A Little While.

How far has the curse progressed?

  • We’ve messed up the climate, and significant drought is impacting many of us. The ice caps are shrinking, the aquifers retreating, safe drinking water is harder and harder to come up with.
  • Gas is passing $3.00 ($4, $5, $6? ) and that is going to show as a MAJOR blow to our national and international economies. Not to mention housing bubbles, massive unsupported and unjustifiable federal debt …
  • We are bullying our way into quaqmire and chaos in Iraq, which sad to say is just a larger-scale and much more public example of how we (the US) have treated many smaller countries and governments for many years.
  • Well known nuclear weapons material is left unsecured in great quantities – and the terrorist cadres who are eager to use them are increasing in number and in motivation – while we squander hundreds of billions of dollars because of the non-existent weapons of mass destruction Saddam was alleged to be aiming our way. We cut taxes to the super-rich while we don’t have funds to protect our ports from all that nuclear weapons material and technology that can be smuggled into the US in suitcases.
  • Elections in this country, especially for offices at the highest levels, are a bad example to the world if they are not yet a total sham.
  • The President and his spokespersons lie to us freely and hide what they don’t think they can lie about.
  • The popular “news” media, with direct access to hundreds of millions, won’t voluntarily tell us what we need to know, and when they do get around to it it’s no longer “new” since they only get real after the blogs and other internet sources have forced their hand.
  • We continue to “throw money at” problems without having real plans or even awareness of what’s going on.
  • Katrina has come and gone. We were not able or willing to be prepared, and we were not able or willing to respond quickly and intelligently.
  • We continue to throw money at the very rich in order to make them very much richer, while the poor get poorer, people continue to lose health care coverage, schools don’t have textbooks, American kids are being drugged – legally and illegally – at high rates, the billionaire-owned media keep pouring filth into our living rooms and ears, abortion is not diminished, we lock up more people than any other nation …

The curses are obviously on a roll.

ONLY JUSTICE CAN STOP A CURSE. I believe it. How does it work?

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  • The argument in the above mentioned blog entry has developed to be really interesting. Please click on the link in my previous comment and find the comments of “anonymous”, “Invisible Scientist” and “Marvin” (there the discussion on climate change got started).