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On Being a Bridge

This site got listed under “Know Thine Opponent” on a liberal blog (certainly more “liberal” than I am, if you define the term a certain way), between Oliver North and Randall Terry, with the likes of PNAC and Rush Limbaugh. I think I’m going to be sick.

I guess it’s true what Brian McLaren recently wrote in an article in Sojournersthe problem with being a bridge is that you get walked on from both ends. Well, as I understand it, that’s where Jesus often found himself – not because his principles were ambiguous, but precisely because they were not. I’ve always felt that if they are maligning you from two (or more) sides, the odds have increased that you are in a good place.

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  • By the way, I just posted a formal apology to you on my site. Thought it was the least I could do for accidentally lumping you with some of the more…..distasteful characters on the Right.

  • I just came across this post as I perused the links to my own blog from Technocrati. At first I couldn’t tell what site it was you were talking about, as I thought I had come into the latter half of a discussion.
    When I realized it was YOUR site that was listed under my “Know Thine Opponent” (it may have at one time been “know thy enemy” but I have done some semi-recent changes and facelifts to the site) I too was sick, and the reason I am sick is because as I alphabetized the entire list of sites during the redesign(and if you were there you know there are probably close to 300 or so sites on my blog) I must have somehow gotten your blog mixed up with the “opposing” side.
    My deepest apologies, I have since rectified the problem and I cannot tell you how much I regret and saddened by the mistake.
    While I am no fan of organized religion I am a deeply spiritual person and respect everyone’s right to have a relationship with the deity of his/her choice. I just get outraged when some use the power of “God” to manipulate and control others.
    Good luck to you in your endeavors–feel free to check out the site if you need verification.

  • Hi!

    Christ is our bridge. Having said this, you’d think that Christians would be able to recognize this in others. Instead, a lot of them see it as a sign of weakness, and they spend an inordinate amount of time “tearing down” that bridge. Do they think of Christ as being weak?

    God Bless,

  • When will we on the left stop shooting ourselves
    in our collective feet! The Republicans have succeeded
    in putting together a powerful coalition of disparate
    groups. How long do you think it would take for war to
    break out if you put fundamentalists, Roman Catholics,
    Ayn Randian “ojectivists” and “country club” businessmen
    in the same room. All we seem to do is “strain at gnats”.

  • My congratulations, Larry.

    As we learned last year in the presidential campaign, it’s really an acolade to be called “wishy-washy” by anyone who accepts a tag to summarize his own position on moral issues, be it “liberal” or “conservative”. I presume, those who name a sound balanced attitude this way are looking in the mirror of a lucid mind and see their own brain being brushed and washed by the sweeps of a foolish pride. Being a “bridge” (or a doormat) for various types of persons is indeed our bitter privilege as Christians.
    But a bridge should wilfully suffer trampling only from those who try to pass by it. Those who don’t take a peep out of the funkhole of their orthodoxy are part of the structure of the banks. And any bridge bears heavily on the banks – and should be proud to do so.

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