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Oh The Hypocrisy! If Republicans Do It, “Christians” Ignore It.

Two questions about two recent scandals:
1. How do “Christian conservatives” react?
2. How do real Christian conservatives react?

Recent Scandal I:
White House Loves to Torture, Forces Congress to Approve!

1. Falwell’s Liberty University website actually has a column DEFENDING that perversity! [“Coercive interrogation techniques a necessary evil” by Jenni Thurman]

2. A friend wrote Focus on the Family wondering why Focus was expressing no concern about torture as a new American moral value. The answer? That’s not what they are choosing to focus on in this election cycle.

in a world as complex and multifaceted as ours it is crucial to learn how to choose your battles carefully. In the run-up to the November election, we continue to concentrate primarily on those topics that we feel are more essential to the mission to which we’ve been called

Protecting our kids from a torturing government is not a “family value.” Getting more cookie-cutter obedient culture-of-corruption Republicans elected is a family value?

Recent Scandal II:
Republican Congressman Foley Resigns – Got Caught Showing too much Sexual Interest in Boys Working for Congress

Finally a clear-cut case of long-term cover-up of sexual illegality (homosexual illegality, mind you)! They will love jumping on this!

A diarist over at dkos has visited websites of several prominent conservative Christian “ministries” looking for their outrage and explicit and well-justified condemnation of such behavior. They constantly offer us moral discernment, critique, and guidance, especially about the sexual misdeeds of prominent persons, even more especially if they are high-ranking political figures.

What was found? Nothing! Nary a peep. Are you shocked?

And the diarist justly observes

Why do I get the impression, that if a Democratic Congressman had committed these crimes, righteous indignation would be screeching from these same websites in the largest fonts made available by their Intelligent Designers!

Hypocrites, every single one of them, Hypocrites!

The ruling religious hypocrites of Jesus’ day managed to lead their nation into total obliteration within forty years. Wanna bet that our contemporary version can do it quicker?

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  • For Nate: I try to speak up too, but sometimes I feel like I’m really swimming against the tide. For instance, I say something against James Dobson, I get looked at like I’m just some sort of godless liberal hater of christianity or the anti-christ. I think all evangelicals should have seen the recent Bill Moyers program on PBS about the Jack Abramoff scandal, so they can see what’s going on.

  • Oh, I’m fuming over this one. Focus on the Family did have an article that mentioned Mark Foley briefly. The article was about legislation concerning minor girls getting abortions across state lines, parental notification and all that. The comment about Foley was at the beginning, and I quote: “With most of the media consumed with Mark Foley’s dalliance with congressional pages and Bob Woodward’s hit piece on the Bush administration, you may have missed news of a critical defeat for parental rights.”

    Did you notice the word they used? “Dalliance.” I wasn’t familiar with the term so I looked it up. It means “a trifling away of time; dawdling; amorous toying; flirtation; playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest.” Um… excuse me? This wasn’t playful flirtation; this was preying on an underage boy! If Foley’s behavior wasn’t an “attack on the family,” then I don’t know what is. So why is Focus on the Family not only silent, but flippant? Oh, I forgot. Foley is a Republican. We’ve got to save those nasty attacks for the Democrats.

    The end of the article talks about “the concern that many parents and their daughters will be taken advantage of.” Apparently, this boy that was taken advantage of and his family aren’t as important.

    See the article for yourself: Senate Kills Child Custody Act

    Rest assured, I have e-mailed my opinion on the matter to Focus on the Family, and I encourage you to do likewise.

  • Thank you for your testimony. May there be many more speaking out. That’s what I meant by asking the two questions at the top – there are different answers to them.

  • If you think for one second that all Christians support the lying, the torture, and the worldwide murder of people, you are very wrong. I have taken the time to express my lack of trust in the Evangelicals that have hijacked Christianity in the name of God and are supporting violence against anyone who believes differently. Other Christians should also speak out against what’s going on. I believe Christ will tell them, “I never knew you. Depart from me, you who work wickedness.”