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Obama’s Perspective on Faith in Christ is Biblical

Here’s Obama on the significance of the Gospel:

In an interview with Christianity Today magazine, Obama said this about his decision to accept Christ,

What was intellectual
and what was emotional joined,
and the belief in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ,
that he died for our sins,
that through him we could achieve eternal life

– but also that, through good works
we could find order and meaning here on Earth
and transcend our limits
and our flaws and our foibles

– I found that powerful.

I regularly get email newsletters from Youth Specialties, a widely respected and widely used evangelical ministry in support of youth workers. Their materials are used in churches all across the nation. This email was promoting a book, Barack Obama: An American Story by Ariele Gentiles, Bob Carlton

Here are some of their remarks about the book.

But right now you’re living in the midst of history in the making. You are watching a man with an unlikely story become one of the most important people in American politics today.

Obama’s story is quite relevant to what many teens are feeling and actually living through.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve heard him speak, or even whether or not you agree with his politics. The life of Barack Obama is an inspirational story for anyone who has ever felt abandoned, alone, different, or who has wanted to do great things and make a difference in the world. Learn about the life-shaping experiences Barack Obama faced as he:

* Was raised by a single mom and his grandparents
* Rose to the top of his class at Harvard Law
* Accepted a faith that gives his life deeper meaning
* Left a lucrative career in law to work in public service

You know, that last one speaks volumes to me. He CHOSE to forgo the wealth and status that were in his hand in order to go serve “the least of these.”

A pdf linked to on the YS page responds to the many queries as to why an evangelical youth-work agency would publish a book about Barack Obama. Among other things they say this:

1965 was the first year that African Americans couldn’t be discriminated against in the voting booth. 1965. Just over 43 years ago. Why did we do this book? Because we are literally in the process of creating history.

We also can’t lose sight of another fact. The polls indicate that 75 percent of evangelicals voted for John McCain. This is a moment to search our faith and understand what our responsibilities are as Christians and citizens of this country. We have the opportunity to lead and lend our hands to continue building the United States alongside those with whom we don’t fully agree. This is part of our calling.

That pdf also quotes this from Richard Cizik, National Association of Evangelicals’ V-P for Governmental Affairs (as given to Christianity Today) :

I suspect that millions upon millions of evangelicals around the world are extremely proud of America tonight. I’m confident that Barack Obama wants to unite this country. I hope the better angels of Obama’s nature triumph, and I…suspect there will be actions he takes I don’t agree with. I think it’s important to have the right attitude — the attitude of Christ — which is he needs our prayers and our support, even if we don’t agree with him.

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