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Hitler, Bonhoeffer – and Torture. A Movie.

We watched tonight for the second time the movie Bonhoeffer about the German theologian / pastor who was executed by the Nazis in April 1945, and whose books continue to have influence. I urge that you watch this film. I will not try to list or defend what were to me obvious parallels between then and now, particularly in the misuse and corruption of the Christian faith and the Christian churches. Those parallels will, I trust, be apparent.

Well, I will mention one parallel. A historian being interviewed commented regarding the use of torture by the Nazis that it was a clear example of “the evil of the Nazi” regime. That was spoken in 2002 or 2003 before it was commonly known that our own President highly values the use of torture, even though it is blatantly and violently unjust, and it is proven over and over to provide useless and misleading information.

This is a powerful movie.

I also urge that you watch “The Ground Truth.” Since you care about America-in-Iraq because you care about the people of America and the people of Iraq, and because you care about Biblical demands for justice and integrity, you will care much to hear the stories of these American veterans and their families. This also is a powerful film.

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