claw - fear


One way or another, THESE people, mostly fellow American citizens –
all fellow humans and all loved by God –

THESE people are living in increased fear now compared to a year ago.

“Making America Afraid Again”

This is not a careful list; it’s just off the top of the head.
I’m adding “LLMB” to many of these, for “looks like or might be” – because there are those who suffer just because they LLMB.

Everyone is likely to be part of a targeted minority sooner or later.

  • Muslims (and LLMB’s)
  • Black Lives Matter (or LLMB’s)
  • school teachers
  • immigrants (or LLMB’s)
  • Hispanics (or LLMB’s)
  • refugees (or LLMB’s)
  • college teachers
  • sick
  • disabled
  • elderly
  • African Americans (or LLMB’s)
  • liberals, progressives (or LLMB’s)
  • Native Americans (or LLMB’s)
  • whoever the police choose to target on any given day or in any given locale
  • Syrians (and LLMB’s)
  • Arabs (and LLMB’s)
  • unsuspecting victims of gun violence – i.e. all of us, anywhere we go
  • LGBTQ (or LLMB’s)
  • marijuana users (or LLMB’s)
  • public school children
  • college students
  • Jews (or LLMB’s)
  • users of contraception
  • those who have had abortions
  • homeless (or LLMB’s)
  • mentally ill (or LLMB’s)
  • non-Christians, or non-Republican, non-right-wing Christians
  • atheists, agnostics, ex-Christians
  • those – very many! – who are one accident, illness or layoff away from bankruptcy or from living on the street

You know, MOST of us are on the list

– or soon could be. And that even includes a whole lot of us who are white males.
There are others to be added. Got some examples?
Seriously. These people among us – our neighbors! – live in increased danger, and therefore in increased, more persistent fear.

Are you on the list yet?