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Limbaugh Crawling in Slime Again? I Am SO Surprised.

So who agrees with Ed Howard (Nebraska State Paper) all the time? That would be a strange person. But I have to agree with his take on one of America’s favorite liars.

It is unlikely that Rush Limbaugh has a sense of shame. That’s too bad, because he has good use for one these days. A cold-blooded liar with a history of criminal drug abuse, Limbaugh … most recently disgraced himself with an attack on Michael J. Fox, the actor who suffers from Parkinsons disease and endorses the need for stem-cell research.

Like the people of our acquaintance who suffer from this disease, Fox sometimes has less control over his body’s shaking than at others. After being miffed by a campaign ad done by Fox for a stem-cell research proponent, Limbaugh said it was obvious that Fox had not taken his medicine, or was exaggerating the twitching that is symptomatic of his disease.

Even by the standards of a drug-sucking hypocrite like Limbaugh, it was a venal, mean-spirited and hateful bit of entertainment.

Whatever drugs Michael J. Fox has in his pocket, he obtained them legally, and he needs them for reasons other than feeling good.

Here’s a copy of the ad, from Youtube.

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  • Great comments – I’m surprised Rush doesn’t have anything better to do with his mouth and time like – REPENT!

  • Well said. Oh, if only you (three) weren’t so completely right!

    It’s the basic error of this entire movement of “bible-believing” evangelism, — going along with the neo-conservative revolution in politics, and whose appearance, as a backlash against liberal secularism was all too understandable, and justified if it hadn’t lost its own bearings altogether — … it is the error of this entire movement to NOT HAVE GIVEN ANY SERIOUS THOUGHT on what it means that the bible – beginning from Adam & Eve and culminating with Anti-Christ – consistently sees (self-)delusion as an integral part of the phenomenology of sin.

  • “If a man continues to call a good thing bad, he will eventually lose his sense of moral distinctions.”

    “The penalty of deception is to become a deception, with all sense of moral discrimination vitiated. A man who lies habitually becomes a lie, and it is increasingly impossible for him to know when he is lying and when he is not.”

    — Howard Thurman, Jesus and the Disinherited, 1976