Jimmy Carter’s Son Asks, “What’s Going On?” [Updated]

I. Jack Carter is running for the US Senate from Nevada. This simple and brilliant statement is from a recent campaign speech.

“I’m not for impeachment, not for censure, I’m for finding out what’s going on.”

II. The current Republican-controlled (“rubber-stamp” “stonewall central”) Senate is for preventing any investigations into high-level misdeeds. Yet they call themselves representatives of the people.

Pretty easy choice, huh?

Here’s the comment that preceded the one quoted above.

“This is the most crucial election of our time,” Carter said. “We have to take one of the houses back and put a tourniquet on what the republicans are doing. If we take the Senate back we can provide sanity and start investigations into what these guys have done to us. We need to investigate Iraq, Valerie Plame… how far the wire tapping has gone.

[Update] See also, “Senator Hagel Just Wants to Know What Happened.”

There are very legitimate and critical questions that need to be answered. That is the responsibility of governance. That’s part of leadership. And we don’t have answers for all those things.

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  • Sounds like a plan. I have the hope that sanity will return. I haven’t researched it, but our government seems to be unique in that we have the rule of law behind us. In countries where totalitarianism took over, was it because there was not the framework of a constitution like ours? It may be the only thing that will save us. Let’s hope it’s enough.