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Is Jesus a Republican? Is Jesus a Liberal?

As far as we know, Jesus never directly mentioned either homosexual behavior or abortion / infanticide. And we can be sure that’s not because he cared nothing for moral or social issues. He cared a great deal.

As for power and politics,

one of my favorite lines from Jesus

is when he was doing a meandering teaching – healing tour on the way to Jerusalem for the last time. Religious authorities, harassing him, suggested he go into hiding because “Herod is looking for you”. (Herod the non-Roman ruler under the Roman thumb, was not known for excercising democratic or humanitarian procedures very regularly.) Jesus says, in effect, “Go tell that skulking predator where I am, and what my agenda and schedule are. Don’t forget to mention that I’ll be in Jerusalem in three days”.

That’s not the response of a man cowed by authority religious or political.

But “the common people heard him gladly,”

and he saw and heard them gladly, and loved them deeply, and served them any way he could. Is that liberal? Probably. He was very liberal in his remarks about wealth and power (critical of the misevaluation and misuse of those gifts), and very conservative in refusing to advocate any kind of overt rebellion.

He was very conservative in his love for God, Temple, and the Scriptures, and very liberal in his willingness to critique the use of those things, and to be misinterpreted as disrespecting those things — and in his readiness to get kicked out of synagogue for speaking what he saw in the Scriptures and in the world around him, no matter the situation or the “gravity” of those present.

So Liberal and Conservative are probably the wrong parameters.

But it’s a very valuable and stimulating question.

Is Jesus a Republican? Would he be a Democrat OR Republican today? Well, it’s VERY hard for me to imagine him being associated with today’s machiavellian Republican party, and not easy to imagine him being officially associated with the [greedy, manipulative – 2017] Democrats. In his day he would not even take a political stance against Herod, Pilate, or Ceasar. But he undermined all of them AND the religious establishment by his clearly emphasized moral priorities.

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  • It is so irresponsible for Christians to say that Jesus would be a republican
    or democrat, liberal or conservative. Jesus said He did not come to rule
    this world. The things mankind has done in the name of Christ, are surely
    breaking God’s heart and alienating people from the love of Christ. Jesus
    would never support the tax cuts for the rich. Jesus did not hang out with
    the money changers in the Temple, He threw them out! Shame on our so-called
    Christian politicians who blaspheme the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace
    with their hostile take over of our faith! I will not be surprised when
    I don’t see them in Heaven. God forgive them.

  • there is a difference in believing that the state should not ban abortion and believing that abortion is a good thing. Is banning abortion really going to bring more people to Christ, or is it going to cause people to feel persecuted by christians? The bible only speaks against gay sex, it does not say that people who have a homosexual orientation should not be afforded rights. surely the idea of the dignity of all humans, which presumably is the basis of your views on abortion, should be afforded to all people regarded of sexual orientation, which is not chosen by the individual. did you decide to be sexually attracted to the other sex? why is it then supposed that gay people chose to be attracted to the same sex. the women minsters issue is more to do with church policy than state policy. you have chosen to put jesus in a box and clearly align him with one set of political priorities. republicans are a lot more supportive of private wealth and less supportive of international aid and helping the poor. therefore there is no way it can be sustained that republicans have a complete representation of the christian faith.

  • Liberals believe in abortion, gay rights, women ministers and all other unsupported and unchristian beliefs. THEIR VIEWS CANNOT BE SUPPORTED IN ANY BIBLE I HAVE EVER STUDIED.

  • Jesus didn’t speak out about abortion or homosexuality. FACT. What he did speak out against was the rich and taking care of the poor. concentrate on what Jesus did say and not what you “believe ” he might have said that fits your unsupported(and unchristian) view point.

  • Jesus is not a politician, neither republican nor democrat. But I know Jesus would speak out against abortion (thou shalt not kill) Jesus would also speak out against homosexuality like any other sexual sin like fornication or adultary. Love the sinner, hate the sin. But still speak the truth.