The independent-minded and not-entirely predictable Ed Howard, editor of the online Nebraska State Paper, has unburdened himself of a visceral reaction again. And, being often a wise and perceptive fellow, he agrees with my general take on this. (This is from Friday’s edition of the daily email of headlines I get from StatePaper.)

Anne Coulter is a sick and sickening example of how politics and public discourse have been turned into a vulgar sideshow for morons without morals

Remember the 9/11 attacks? Remember the people who burned to death, jumped to their deaths, or were crushed? Do you remember that a few widows got together and singlehandedly pressured Congress for an independent investigation?

Anne Coulter is an administration lapdog. She recently wrote that those widows are “harpies” and “witches.” She noted that the widows had often been on television, and said: “I’ve never seen people enjoy their husbands deaths so much.”

When confronted at a book signing, what act of these widows did she cite as especially deserving of such disgusting and inappropriate mistreatment? Some of them appeared in a television ad for John Kerry in the last presidential campaign.

Coulter is sick. People who will countenance what she said are morally deficient, or dumb, or both.

Come on, Ed. Tell us how you really feel about Anne.