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“I Voted for Them Because They Value What I Value”

Elisia Harvey, writing at New Nebraska Network, discusses “the elusive NV issues.”

Nebraska Values” issues, that is. Those “elusive” moral standards that you get – apparently – from breathing the air out here. Of course, judging from political campaigns and arguments, you are much more likely to get them from the air IF you happen to be a registered Republican.

Problem is, it’s not always real clear just what those values add up to.

Here’s a quote:

Now, dear reader, you should know that I am a registered Republican, and I consider myself an evangelical Christian. And this year, I voted for more Democrats than I ever have in my life. I voted for them because they value what I value.

I haven’t changed the things I value; rather, I’ve reconsidered the means of achieving the goals that are a natural extension of my values. People can value the same thing, the same ideal, and have very different ideas on how that value should be played out in public policy.

Oh yes!

And, because of the impact of politics and public life on all my other values,

    I value

  1. the voice of the people through elections,
  2. the consistent practice of the checks and balances “the Founders” built into our form of government,
  3. the watchfulness of the people (often through the mass media of communication),
  4. and a more benevolent and truthful impact from churches (and many other culture-shapers).

I think these things add up to a whole lot safer way to pursue the common good – and that hopefully includes “Nebraska values” – than what the Republican party has been giving us of late.

So I have to say – no surprises here – I approve of Elisia’s voting “for more Democrats than I ever have in my life.” Smart lady. But we knew that already.

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  • Did anyone hear Jim Wallis’ Democratic party respone on Dec. 2? And what is Rick Warren’s invitation to Barack Obama to speak at an AIDS conference all about? Times are a changing!

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