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How Long Must We Sing This Song?

Here’s another from Rob:

Finding the Truth in Strange Places

I can’t believe the news today

Oh, I can’t close my eyes

And make it go away

How long…

How long must we sing this song?

How long? How long…

’cause tonight…we can be as one


Broken bottles under children’s feet

Bodies strewn across the dead end street

But I won’t heed the battle call

It puts my back up

Puts my back up against the wall…

And the battle’s just begun

There’s many lost, but tell me who has won

The trench is dug within our hearts

And mothers, children, brothers, sisters

Torn apart

How long…

How long must we sing this song?

How long? How long…

’cause tonight…we can be as one


Wipe the tears from your eyes

Wipe your tears away

Oh, wipe your tears away

And it’s true we are immune

When fact is fiction and TV reality

And today the millions cry

We eat and drink while tomorrow they die

The real battle just begun

To claim the victory Jesus won

I removed the repetitive title lines. Still sound familiar? Well, you’d never hear it if you were a fundamentalist Baptist, because the song is Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2. Who would have thought that “devil music” could hold so much truth?

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  • All but one of U2’s members are born-again Christians. Most of the
    band’s songs relate to the worship of God or contain verse from the

  • sunday fucking sunday esentially is what he is saying here.

    he is talking about the fall of the corporate church.

    broken bottles under believers feet. bodies strewn across a dead end street shows what todays corporate church is doing to the souls of most. it hurts a lot to see people go to church.

    read the bible and get away from the corporate church and don’t look back. sad times we are in but it is a beautiful day.

  • Thanks, Rob. Early U2 is one of my all-time favorite bands. I haven’t heard this song for maybe three years, but can easily hear Bono’s plaintive wail in my head, “How long …???”

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