Back in 1968 they did – one of those years of student activism and turmoil in many places. And the ministry they began is still going – STRONG! You can visit the website of Sant ‘Egidio (based in Trastevere, Rome) to get an idea of how much is going on, and in how many places, as a result of their ’60s era activism. Not bad for a bunch of kids getting a bee in their bonnet.

The beginning and center of their work is a half-hour of “prayers” together in the church every evening.

At the end of a textbook we just finished in my “Life and Teachings of Jesus” class (Desire of the Everlasting Hills), Thomas Cahill spends some time talking about Sant-Egidio. Here’s a comment one of my students wrote:

It would be great for every community to have their own Sant ‘Egidio. To have a place to go to pray and read the Bible every night. To be around people that are kind and compassionate. To be a part of making a difference in someone’s life.

Amen. How could we do that? Do you know of people who are really doing something like that? (I know a lot of people who THINK they are doing something like that, or wish they were …)