An Alabama newspaper editorialized the other day about corruption of the churches by right-wing politics.

Church congregations are allowing their leaders to grow calluses on Christ’s greatest commandments. It’s difficult to love God with all of one’s heart, soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself when ministers persecute non-conforming Christians.

This was in response to the sad incident where the pastor of a small church was pressured to resign after excommunicating several members for espousing liberal politics. (Rob Couto informed us of this recently in “Pewjacked!“.) Martin Luther King said Christians (and liberals) need to be strong-minded and tender-hearted, but often have it the other way around. Unfortunately, this editorial says, many “silver-tongued” successful and experienced pastors of large churches are deliberately cultivating hard-heartedness and unholiness among their listeners. I think that is clearly true.

The Rev. Chandler, who called it a misunderstanding, wasn’t smooth enough to emulate the silver-tongued preachers in the mega-churches who find fortune in spewing their intolerance across the nation’s airwaves daily. He’s a sad victim of their trickle-down theology.

Politics will destroy the holiness of civilization’s greatest institution if Americans don’t stop this dangerous movement.

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