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Friends, Family & anti-Christ: Jesus Would NOT Run This Kind of Shop

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Friends, Family & anti-Christ: Jesus Would NOT Run This Kind of Shop


This is ironic. I’ve been accumulating reasons to be sure the USA is evil, while all these religious people are praising the system, praising its latest caretakers, because

  • “it’s the best we can ask for”
  • “it’s no better anywhere else”
  • “we should be happy to have all this”
  • “what else do you want?”

I can’t get through to them. They continually ascribe God-like righteousness to a human endeavor and when things go wrong, blame it on sin. Yea, sin’s there and we cause problems. But it’s still there when things go the way we wanted them to.

All I can think of when people ask me what I would have them do about it is: “TELL THE TRUTH.”
Mainly, it seems more appropriate than ever to TEACH EXACTLY WHAT JESUS TAUGHT.
Now, thanks to the religious right, the line between God and “God’s nation” is so fuzzy that the two are trading sides, so that God serves the nation by affirming that it is Just. It’s not hard to spot the error. How is “God’s nation” absolutely good when all their (rather hollow) arguments in its favor are pure relativism? Now we have a majority of Christians blind to the real problems we cause and certain that the entire machine is pure. Well, there are bad elements, but they’re Democrats. That’s why God made sure Bush won twice. He’s going to clean us up.

These aren’t bad people, but they are indeed comfortable. Just as Morpheus told Neo, people in the system that enslaves them will die to protect it. I believe that when you Americanize Christianity, you get antiChrist. Perhaps not the Antichrist, but certainly anti-Christ in nature. And many Christians that I know seem to be far more American than Christian. So now the religious right is protecting the enemy.


These aren’t bad people, but they are indeed comfortable.
A certain pastor, when I confront him and his neopatriotism by pointing to the evil taking hold of this nation, states his belief in the power of the Holy Spirit to prolong the situation beyond my (admittedly fatalist) view, and to improve it for the good of everyone alive. But it looks to me like our war machine, especially Bush”s War on Terror, is doing a lot for global dictatorship. Is that how God is working, in reverse? Apparently he doesn’t get that Bush’s leadership is not going to preserve anything, or see the difference between what God can do for peace and what Bush does against it. Voted for Bush (& the war machine).

A nice lady here wants to believe that corporations are good because “they give us jobs.” What kind of far-right nonsense. They delete jobs as fast as they can, it makes the money spread a lot thicker (on the people at the top). Pretty sure she voted for Bush.

I made a remark to another somewhat nice lady that the “Christian Coalition” voter’s guide – spelling out how Kerry is this (suggested evil) and Bush is the opposite – was propaganda, reinforcing the false idea that there are exactly 2 parties worth caring about. She took it the negative way (ok, I meant it the negative way too), and got on my case for a moment. We ended up sharing some more words, with her becoming more and more upset for the following 15 seconds. I made a comment about being spoiled on American freedom (that wasn’t directed at her). She left in a hurry, and I heard about it later. I can assume that she voted for Bush.

I know exactly one Christian person who even mentioned other parties and their candidates (besides Kerry) last year. I wonder if he’s at all bothered that they merely couldn’t afford to get the exposure and coverage that the 2 mainline parties enjoy. And he voted for Bush anyway.

I flew through a list of my problems with this country’s misbehavior and the people blindly supporting it, for a half hour, with a nice guy who’s cool anyway. He seems to agree with a lot, but not the big picture. How can people maintain a picture of America that makes it a godly state in spite of everything it does to its own people, and – to an ever-increasing degree – the rest of the world? How about when the people driving it call themselves Christians?! He voted for Bush, proudly. The same guy listens to Rush Limbaugh and knows for sure that the Democrats want socialism, when you get through to the core.

Well, the Republicans want fascism just the same, and I’m no Democrat.

I asked another nice guy what he thought about Vietnam once I learned that he was there, open-ended question. He wasn’t happy about it, knew it was a waste, knew a lot of people died for nothing. Yet he probably didn’t make the connection to a certain corrupt Republican that was supported by the religious right, since he voted for Bush too (and will get upset if you say anything bad about him or the government in general.)

My good friend is lamenting the ignorance in his family, who mostly voted for Bush – probably on the terrorism & fear platform rather than anything Christians are concerned with. He tells me how he confronted them with the basic lies the Bush crew is telling, and they brush it off as if all politicians are liars anyway, and so it goes! They EXPECT it.

I’ve had many long discussions with another Christian man, the most open one yet. OK, I admit I did most of the talking, and again, he mostly agrees. But this was a person who recommended that I read Francis Schaeffer. He believes that the government is our resonsibility right now, and voted for Bush.


This is a disaster. We are teaching each other to give to Caesar what is God’s – starting with infallibility. Imputing infallibility isn’t the same as forgiving. How can you forgive an entity, a framework that changes faces every 4 years? So you see it as infallible. And wouldn’t it be clever to change out the people in charge often enough to keep people happy that the overall system is worthy!? Remember Orwell? “A ruling group is a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors.


I realize that I’m going out on a limb, concluding that these few, the best of all churchgoers I know, aren’t receiving their guidance from God. It’s probably because they are all following the party.
To be honest, I didn’t vote for a president, and all these same people like to tell me that “then, you can’t complain.” I have concluded that people only say this because it’s what people say. I’m complaining that my “voice”, as in, “making my voice heard” has become choosing between a knife and a gun. I refuse to let them limit me in that way. I refuse to let anyone buy my vote by saying the right thing. My voice is going to be much stronger than responding to a multiple-choice questionnaire about who I want to be in charge.

I refuse to play the game by the accepted rules when that’s exactly how we got this far! The harder we try, the worse things get. And the church wants to believe that we’re doing the Right Thing. I realize that I’m going out on a limb, concluding that these few, the best of all churchgoers I know, aren’t receiving their guidance from God. It’s probably because they are all following the party. The party claims to serve God’s wishes, and commandeers millions of votes and millions in funds.


Of course that’s not very solution-minded; but all I can think of when people ask me what I would have them do about it is: “TELL THE TRUTH.” Mainly, it seems more appropriate than ever to TEACH EXACTLY WHAT JESUS TAUGHT.

That’s NOT the same as all this legalism we’re teaching today, in order to pass on the Correct- Voting- Habits- According- to- God’s- Word. A lot of people are going to be glad to find out that Jesus would NOT run this kind of shop, and He is terribly misrepresented in America.

Tell the truth. And that can’t go along with making excuses for the president, the government, or any evil thing that might rise. Romans 13 does not teach us to follow the state into hell.

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  • Evil is a propaganda word. Total bullshit. I think the U.S. is a wonderful place… of excess and ignorance. A place where overfed cretins pollute the world while fighting a “war” of vengance that has lost any meaning, but refuse to back out for fear it would make the country look stupid, all the while increasing there multi-trillion dollar debt that is multiplying exponentially. And things are only getting better. You can get a huge variety of tasty fish from all over the world, too! You shouldn’t eat too much though, because you might get heavy metal poisoning, or become infertile because of pesticides. And if you DO like fish, you better get’em quick, ’cause in about 10 years, there won’t be any left. (AKA mass extinction(aka ecosystem collapse)) But that is okay, because there are plenty of geneticly modified corn based products to live off, and plenty of inbred cows. It is okay that they are fed the remanents of their mothers and fathers, because its cheaper that way, contagious fatal brain disorders aside. No actually I disagreee with you. The U.S. is a wonderful place, because they have a thing called “Christianity”. With the help of Christianity’s propaganda, ignorance-mongering, and delightfully hippocritical nature, the morbidly obese citizens of the fantastic county known as the United States of America can live peaceful, fulfilling lives, and not feel guilty about leeching the moral integrity of all involved with them. Blood for oil, I believe its called. The United States is not evil. I believe that we are witnessing the beginning of the end, Ladies and Gentlemen. The United States is simply the vessel through which it will come about.

  • too much emphasis is being put on
    God and America the almighty RIGHT.. the boys up in the white houses are too busy playing games in dark corners. much like was recorded by Ezekiel in Ch 8 and 9 .. I think the big bang theory was coined up there and there’s going to be a bigger band sooooon.

  • Lost another comment… as I was saying,
    Amen. I think you’ve found a legitimate cause for a true “Defense of Marriage Act”, one that has nothing to do with homosexuality. If the Bible defines marriage, then it ALWAYS defines marriage. This is too much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually in favor of homosexual lifestyles being promoted, but I am strongly opposed to this neoconservative government’s desire to legislate morality. Deconstructing marital rights, as in this case, only suggests they’re not about the will of God. Yet again, the emperor wears no clothes.

  • I agree totally with your views on the Christian Right (“right” with a small “r”).

    On practically the eve of ‘Resurrection Day’ better known as Easter Sunday – again the hypocritical CR leans towards death and destruction rather than life and dignity with bringing into FEDERAL focus the Terri Schiavo case. The woman, who has been in a quasi-vegetative state for over 15 years, is giving no respite nor rest nor preparation for her life AFTER death.

    The CR seems, above all, not to obey the rights given a husband over his wife in times of incapacitation, but rather they prefer government officials (who they’ve always told us they despise and one must “take responsibility” for one’s fate) take custody over Terri impeding the rights of a husband – – – given IN MARRIAGE by both Terri’s parents who are now making a 3-ring circus out of the law of matrimony.

    Does not the Bible say a man & woman leave the bonds of mother/father and both man & wife shall be protectors one of another. This is the Christian Rights’ hypocrisy at full force.

  • Minor edit: I thought of another person. A christian friend (who just finished up at seminary) showed me the libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik’s website, where I read a bunch of things Christians might want the government to do. I didn’t vote anyway… citing previous arguments that “anyone can say all the right things.”