Shadia Drury writes of

…the sort of perverse masculinity…for [which] fatherhood is a totally foreign ideal. Instead of being fathers and husbands, men are the inhabitants of ‘guy land where life is one large sports network, supplemented with fast cars, guns, and an endless parade of ‘gal pals’ – lovely women who are programmed to satisfy male sexual fantasies and then magically disappear without a trace, let alone a child.

Men are easily

seduced by the social Darwinism of the political right, with its vision of the world as a vast playing field for superstar linebackers and heroic entrepreneurs. In the absence of the Nanny State (the anathema of right-wing politics), men live out their days in fantasyland, using public funds only for bombs and spaceships, while women spend their lives caring for children and the elderly. In this way the political gender gap grows, not because women are different, but because men have turned their backs on the human race.

Well! What do you think of that?

This is taken from Shadia Drury’s book Leo Strauss and the American Right (p166). Drury is commenting on Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Whose Gap Is It, Anyway?”, Time (May 6, 1996, p43).


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