[Here is the wrap-up of an email I received the other day – from someone I do not know. It’s reproduced here with permission from the author.]

I’m deeply disturbed at what is happening to the Christian right. Their agenda isn’t Christ’s.

In talking with non-believers about Christianity, I spend 90 % of the time trying to undo the false concepts of Christianity that the right is espousing. It’s incredibly hard to do this without speaking against my fellow Christians who are misguided on many issues, but who mean well.

How do I share my own Christian experience, how do I share the gospel with non-believers without getting put in the position of putting down the beliefs of my own Christian brothers and sisters in Christ who are giving the American public a false view of the gospel of Christ?

I am someone in a position to say that many, many people bitterly resent Christians because of many conservative beliefs that aren’t coming from the New Testament. Many people are completely bitter and turned off to wanting to hear about our faith. Consequently, many people will be lost forever and I grieve about that.

It used to be that Christians were known for their charitable work with the poor, etc. Now, we’re known mainly for our wish to rid America of liberalism and free will, as well as our unrelenting bigoted social war against homosexuals.

I appreciate your website. I haven’t read all the way through it, but I will. It’s good to know that I’m not alone with my beliefs. I know there are other Christian Democrats who are disturbed also about what’s happening to Christian conservatives. Thanks for listening. Yours in Christ, Laura