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Who’s More Moral, the Rich or the Poor? What Traits Go With Each Group? (John Ruskin)
Political Worship Songs? Mary and Zechariah’s Songs (in Luke 1) are Blatantly Political.
God’s New Economy – Crucial Fact 4 of 4
Many Will Die. This Tax “Reform” is a Vicious Assault Against Us and People We Care About.
No Principle but Commercialism, No Patriotism but of the Pocket – Mark Twain
Are Economic Matters a Moral Issue? Isaiah Thinks So.
You Can Pray and Still Be Wrong
Worship of Idols (like Greed) is Deadly
Do We Not Want to Know -Where Do They Send the Money??
Greed and Financial Crisis, Now and in 1929

The Twilight of the Gods of Greed and Money – “FWO’s”
Who Are More Moral – the Rich or the Poor? Ruskin: Unto This Last
The (Poor) Community College Kids – And War
You Can’t Trust the Republicans With Your Money
Morals Have Consequences, Blessings Are Available. Isaiah 58
When The Money and the Power are One
The Peculiar Obligation of the Man of Great Wealth – Teddy Roosevelt
Labor Is The Superior of Captial And Deserves The Higher Reward
Who Gives Stones Instead of Bread?
“We Are Neither Saints Nor Communists”

Warren Buffett’s $23 Million Refund – and Class Warfare
The Amazing Disappearing (Borrowed) Dollars
Economics, the Prophet Habakkuk, and America
The World’s 2nd Richest Man Says, “It’s Class Warfare; My Class Is Winning.”
Feed Your Child, or Feed The Corporation? “Forgive Us Our Debts!” – a Mother’s Story
Morality: WHICH Kids Do We Send To Their Deaths?
On Bankruptcy is our Congress “Grossly Wicked”? Jesus Calls Its Values “Detestable”.
Economics IS ETHICS – Economics, the Bible, Galbraith, and Sen
Micah on Economic Violence (& Abortion)
Should Christians Work Against Poverty? This Muslim Thinks So.
Do Fancy Houses Bring God Glory?

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