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White House: Don’t Worry – We Should All Be Scared to Death!

Markos brings us up to date.

So what have we learned the last 24 hours?

One mind of the White House – We Should All Be Scared to Death!

Terrorism is such a horrific danger to the very existence of our republic that we must

  • torture prisoners,
  • suspend all manners of constitutional rights,
  • wage war against countries that had nothing to do with 9/11,
  • spy illegally on US citizens,
  • and refrain from criticizing … lest we give “aid and comfort” to the enemy.

The other mind of the White House – Nothin’ To Worry Your Little Heads About!

But, business concerns take precedence above all.

As Bush said:

“This deal wouldn’t go forward if we were concerned about the security for the United States of America.”

That quote from the President can be taken two ways. Do you see them?

  1. If we cared much about the security of this country, no way would we let this deal go forward.
  2. If this deal brought up any special security concerns it would not go forward.

Maybe #1 is what they mean.

But if they want us to believe #2, there is a whole lot of explaining yet to do – both about how they know that, and about why the list of unacceptable behaviors at the top of this post is so necessary.

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  • I do not understand your reasoning concerning terrorists. It is very well known that jesus said to love your enemies. Every man was made in the image of God, and therefore what right have we to take the life of another? More importantly, what gives us the right to torture such people for their actions. It is not for me to say what is to become of these people nor you! For God is the almighty, and he partakes his control upon us all and when we die, our soul is sent to heaven and the devil inside us banished to the fires of hell. It is shown in the story by Jesus that the wheat is seperated from the chaff and the chaff is burnt for it is of no use. The wheat is our body, the chaff is the evil inside us.

    If man is to feel the light of God in his heart when he utters that it is acceptable to torture other men, I do hope that he will feel God’s dismay and will repent for such a thought.

    Duw cariad yw – God is Love