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Do You Remember Nixon?

Nov 4, 2004

Just before the election in 1972 my students (in a Christian high school) asked what I thought would happen. I said Nixon would win, but he would be forced out of office before his term was up. “Oh, Mr. Harvey, you only say that because you don’t like Nixon.” (The school vote went: students 100% Nixon, faculty 80% Nixon.) Many months later I was able to say, “Hey, do you guys remember what I said before the election?” Oh. Wow. “Mr. Harvey! How did you know that?” Well, I was just paying a little more attention than most of the Christians around me.

The dishonesty and corruption of this administration make Nixon look like one of the really good guys in American history. But, as then, today’s Christians in general cannot see it. They were told by their leaders to get out and vote Bush or this country is down the drain. So they did.

There are thus two huge questions coming out of this election.

First, why are Christians so willfully blind to the moral realities of the Bush agenda?

Second, will “the wheels come off” of this administration, as they did for Nixon?

I’m inclined to think they will not, since the neocons behind the scenes have been so smart and wholehearted in their manipulation of church and media, and so effective at dominating all areas of government. I’m pretty pessimistic. It seems Lincoln’s “great experiment” in “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” is perishing from this land – by vote of the well-manipulated people. What’s your take on this?

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