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Defense of Marriage, the Better Strategy

I am an advocate of defense of marriage. But to me it does not seem a good strategy to try to defend marriage (or marriages) by being preoccupied with the private sexual behavior of a small minority of people.

I wish Christians (and churches and voters in general) could quit worrying so much about a few real or imagined homosexual activities going on somewhere and start worrying much more about the health of real marriages in our own churches and families. This would be much more productive, and much more honest, than most current “defense of marriage” activity. It would also be much more valuable than voting for candidates or legislation solely on the basis of this issue. Marriage IS a major issue, but gay activities are of little impact compared to what is going on (or not going on) in many heterosexual marriages.

If we put as much energy into

  • investing in our own marriages and marriages within our churches,
  • increasing faithfulness, friendship, courtesy and responsible behavior within our own marriages,
  • reducing sports obsession (and other time- and money-eating obsessions),
  • reducing porn addictions
  • or helping helping alleviate extreme financial pressures and overcome financial ignorance or irresponsibility in our churches and homes

we would be doing much more to defend marriage than is currently being accomplished with all the anti-gay agitation.

This is very serious. I’m not promoting any “homosexual agenda” or “homosexual lifestyle.” I’m saying that if we care about the health of marriage we should put the energy and effort FIRST into the marriages we live in or are close to. Any other course starts quickly to smell of political dishonesty and manipulation and religious hypocrisy.

Further, obviously, people who are practicing homosexual behaviors (or other sexual practices that are outside Biblical standards), or who have close friends or family members who are involved in such practices, need to be especially careful to avoid dishonesty or mean-spiritedness in their conversations or activites related to this issue.

Jesus did not say that the woman brought to him (in John ch8) was blameless. But Jesus DID insist that she be punished only when “he who is without sin” would cast the first stone. Jesus, if our take on him is right, was the only one there who was without sin. BUT HE REFUSED to pick up a stone to punish her. Then, AFTER he publicly embarrassed her accusers and they all left, he told her, “Go, and sin no more.”

That is a very helpful example of moral activism!

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  • My question is this, who are we to say that another person is evil or such? Is it our place to judge, isn’t that God’s role. He is the ultimate Judge. I mentioned this to a friend last month. Jesus changed the 10 commandments to 2 and one of the commandments was love your neighbors as yourself. I don’t remember Jesus saying, “love your neighbor as yourself, except for Gays, Blacks, Jews……..” Why don’t we hear outcries from the harbingers of moral value as to divorce, abuse of children and women, etc. etc. So many people have been persecuted in this world in the name of religion and it is not confined to non-Christians, but Christians are just as guilty of this. Therefore, we are all sinners in this.

  • The Bible does not say gay marriage is a sin. There was no such thing in
    biblical times. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord.
    The Bible doesn’t command us or even suggest that we should be the sex police. The
    Bible says a lot of things are sinful or abominations, so why are we
    focusing like a laser on gays? If we want to take the Bible on face value
    we can’t only condemn gay marriage we have to condemn all homosexual practices. then it isnt
    which I guess, means criminalizing homosexuality. Wow.
    How would that work? Search warrants to break into suspected homo’s houses
    and catch them in “the act”? Good Lord! And I mean that, our Good Lord did
    not send us out into the world to police people’s sexual activities. Can
    we just put this issue in perspective? We should just let the world know us by
    our faith, and our examples. I’m sure the Word of God would be better served
    by focusing on better heterosexual marriages as an example.

  • Though I disagree with your politics, I agree with you completely here. Marriage, as the state recognizes it, is a mockery of Christian marriage. Perhaps the state should recognize ONLY “civil unions” (and have everyone sign a legally binding agreement).

    Sadly, some Christian ministries use “the homosexual agenda” just to rouse and rally their audience.

  • Larry,

    I am in total agreement. As Christians we have allowed ourselves to
    become obsessed with the lifestyles of the few, instead of looking for ways to improve our own relationships. I think one reason for this is the desire of some Christians to forget what the Bible teaches about marriage. Divorce has become acceptable behavior, even among Christians. To begin to preach against it now (like they used to do), means stepping on the toes of some of our more prominent Church members. It’s much easier to convince your Church members that what another group is doing is more wrong. It makes us feel so much better. That’s just one more sign that a lot of today’s Christians are really unfamiliar with the Bible’s teachings.

    God Bless,