Dear Representative Nozzollio.

It has come to my attention that you and other Republican representatives are co-sponsoring a DOMA bill for NYS. (DOMA S.2220) That is a Defense of Marriage Act. I must let you know that as a married heterosexual mother, I find the efforts that you and your fellow representatives expend in this exercise to be disingenuous and totally misguided.

My marriage of 13 yrs has never been in danger from, and does not need to be defended from any person of any sexual orientation securing equal rights. What my marriage does need to be defended from is the outsourcing of jobs from the United States. (It’s hard to raise a family on unemployment benefits).
My marriage needs to be defended from not having a working wage for everyone. (When both parents have to work outside the house just to pay bills, children suffer because there is a lack adequate child care available.)

I could list all the other things that put stress on my marriage and other heterosexual marriages and lead to the high divorce rate we have in this country, but no where on that list will you find that having John and Bill or Susan and Jane living down the street from me and entering into a loving and caring marriage and raising children in such an environment is something that I and my husband need to be “defended” from. I hope that you and the rest of my representatives can stop this obvious effort to divide our country and its citizens and get back to the job of truly representing all of us and securing equal rights for all.



This was “Posted by Vicki upstate Ny” April 21, 2004 09:03 am on, and is reproduced here with her permission. In her blog post, Vicki prefaced her letter with this: “I recently got a letter to the editor printed in my local paper about gay marriage. I also sent a copy to my NYS Senate Representative (Republican).”

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