Deep Sorrow Coming?

Oct 7, 2004

What if the Bush administration really unravels, it’s evil becoming much more widely apparent, as we may be on the verge of seeing? That happened to Nixon, remember, in spite of a landslide election victory and strong support from the Christian right.

I worry about the confusion, embarrassment, maybe even remorse that could come upon at least some “conservative” Christians. So many in the Christian right churches have been blindly, eagerly worshipful of the Bush administration. When they begin to see the reality of what they’ve been supporting, the pain and confusion for some of them will be intense. There may come a new kind of vulnerability among some – a vulnerability that could be used for good or for more ill.

How will they handle it? How will we help them?

Maybe this neocon government won’t unravel very soon; maybe they will rise to new heights of stolen, manipulated, and violent “success” in the months to come. That will be very bad news for millions upon millions, even billions. But even if that happens, the day of reckoning is still drawing closer. The injustice, deceit, and extreme belligerence and bullying will bring a payday, and it will be very painful, however it arrives.

May God grant that it come soon, and by means of a fair and justly run election.

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