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    “Be ready always to give an answer to every man who asks you a reason of the hope that is in you” (1 Pet. 3:15).
    Witnessing is not something that we merely do, it is what we are to BE; “ shall be witnesses unto Me..” (Acts 1:8), witnesses standing boldly for God’s truth and not compromising our values. We are to open our mouth and speak boldly of Christ (Ephesians 6:19) There is, however, a very distinct line between speaking “boldly” and speaking with “arrogance.” The fragile line between boldness and arrogance is humility. Our discourse is always to be “seasonable” as becomes the true child of God. “Let your speech be always with grace” (the Bible instructs) “seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man” (Colossians 4:6). Grace is the salt which seasons our discourse and keeps it from corrupting. Thus, our words must ALWAYS be delivered in such a manner as befits Christ, with speech that is seasoned with the grace of God. It is, in every respect, impossible to effectively witness to anyone when our words are wrapped in arrogance, hate and condemnation. When this is the case, the only thing that we give evidence of is a tongue that is coated with the language of hell rather than wrapped in the warm cloak of Heavenly grace and love.
    We read in Proverbs 12:28, “The way of righteousness is life.” Note that the word “self” does not precede the word “righteousness.” Self-Righteousness is something that God despises.The Christian who makes self-righteousness as much a part of their daily attire as their shoes and socks has a spirit that is completely void of any semblance of grace and at the same time overflowing with arrogance. Stated in terms less subtle but with more exactness, arrogance is a weed that grows upon hell’s dunghill and produces nothing but a delusional sense of superiority and a feeling of entitlement to treat others with contempt. Arrogance has no place in the life of a Christian. It is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught – Humility!)
    As Christians, you and I are exhorted by Christ to present and carry ourselves daily in such a manner as properly reflects the love and grace of God so that the world sees within us the living and abiding presence of this great Jesus Who Alone can take away a persons sin and give them a brand new life. There exists no Christian who, without humility, can be an effective witness for Christ. A lack of humility succeeds only in furthering in the mind of the unbeliever an already present prejudice against God, against His Word, and against His people. The Christian will not be successful in bringing the heart of an unbeliever to God unless, and until, their own heart and tongue operate in a manner that draws others to want to know more of Christ. Such cannot be accomplished without humility. We are successful in leading others to Christ only as we ourselves exhibit that same kindness that He has shown to us. Anything less will only amplify their opposition to Him. Our testimony will never be accepted, either by man or by the Holy Spirit, when our witness is employed as a mechanism that provokes anger and fuels resistance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If arrogance carries the words of our testimony then may I suggest to you that it is not the Holy Spirit that is speaking through us, it is the devil. Neither you or I can help lift a weary soul up to see Christ by beating them down with arrogance. As we labor to take as many with us to Heaven as we can, make certain that yours is “a seasonable discourse.”
    God bless you,
    Mark Shutts

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  3. Hello,

    I didn’t see any way to “share” your posts on facebook, and I thought I’d better ask permission to quote you. Most of my Christian friends and family listen to Rush Limbaugh, and I’ve never understood this. Why? The meanness, the bullying, the lying! Why would anyone, let alone one who sees Jesus as a role model, want to listen to such a person?

    Today I was looking for enlightenment on this issue, and found your post from June 23, 2004 on Limbaugh. Could I have permission to reprint your post on my facebook page, with a link to your blog?

    I am actually not much of a facebook fan, and have only a few family members who will see it, most likely. But they may pass it along to others.

    Thanks either way– nice blog!

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