This is from Todd Stump at Human Events online – NOT part of “the liberal media” I assure you!

The same conservatives who sacrificed time, energy, and money to push the Republicans into the majority in both houses of Congress and to the presidency have been betrayed. We’ve suspected it for a long time. And now we know it.

If my circle of acquaintance is any indication, the majority party has lost its foundation. Every one of my Republican-voting friends, from those who have a casual affinity to those who are deeply immersed in conservative circles, are so thoroughly dismayed with our party’s performance that they will sit the next election cycle out.

Do you suppose that’s really true? Are they going to sit it out?

Imagine that: not the swing voter; nor the elusive independent; but the deeply conservative base voter

  • who supported the party financially,
  • at the ballot box,
  • and in spirit during its lean years

will be watching from the sidelines this fall. In disgust.

(If you go that site, be careful with your eyes. They advertise some really repulsive stuff over there. Like a T-shirt that says “Imagine – no liberals” — promoting a sort of ideological genocide against their fellow Americans? And Ann Coulter’s new trash novel “Godless” about all us evil liberals. That lady does know evil! Unfortunately her readers – presumably like Ann herself – do not discern the difference between hatred and bile on the one hand and something like citizenship on the other.)