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6 Truths for Trump Years – Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
Can Churches Offer “Sanctuary” to Immigrants? What’s Legal?
Are YOU On This List Yet? We are All In Increasing Danger.
Why “ALL Lives Matter” is Offensive – a White Mother’s Story
White Racism in Charlottesville – old-style Nazi Street Thugs
Jesus and Racism – Samaritan Lives Matter – Black Lives Matter
German Christians Sold Out to Power and Glory
Support the Troops. Of Course!
Op-Ed & Editorial in Rural Nebraska Rip Bush Escalation Plan, Call for Support for the Troops
Who Would Jesus Torture?

The Real Screams of Adult Human Beings
When the President Openly Wants to Torture …
Veterans ask: Support the Troops? “Ma’am, We ARE the Troops.” Put your money where your mouth is.
Denial of Rights is a Sin Against God
“The Foundation of All Totalitarian Government” – Incarceration without Rights. Churchill.
OUR Government! – Spying on Us.
America “is a society heading towards Animal Farm” – Archbishop of York
The Cycle of Torture: What Goes Around Comes Around
With Senators Like These …
M L King Opposed Our Vietnam War. What About Iraq? Juan Cole.

“Far More Dangerous Than Terrorism” says Hagel of the Patriot Act
Shame-meter Is Obviously Set Wrong
“Because It’s Right” to Ban Torture
Big Government, & Punishing Innocents for the Crimes of the Guilty
Shame on Promoters of Corrupt War-making – Personal Story
Morality: WHICH Kids Do We Send To Their Deaths?
“Family Values” Force Working People Into the Military.
Social Security ‘Reform’ is Still a Distraction
Evil in the Heart is the Only Reason for Torture
“My Friends Are Dead” and I Wonder …

Why Many Christians Do Not Vote Republican
Torture, or “Controversial Interrogation Policies”?
Short Quotes – Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”*
Martin Luther King on War, from a Sermon
Abraham Lincoln Expected His Wisdom to be “Not Immediately Popular.”
Remember Those in Prison
‘Defense of Marriage’ Falsely So Called

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