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Cheney’s Reasons for Invading Iraq – According to Cheney Himself

Some of us in the church have begun to feel like captives on an Alfred Hitchcock movie set — so many fellow believers are putting stock in every word the Bush Administration is saying!

The following can be useful in proving that the reasons given for the Iraq war are lies. There are those who believe that the election of ’04 was a “moral victory.” Here’s my question for them: Is it moral to lust to rule the entire world, and develop the most costly, deadly arsenal in history to do it?

Unfortunately, that question is not overstated, because Dick Cheney satisfies this description and can tell you all about it in his own words. He and other top members of Bush’s administration (Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz) have publicly posted their ambitions on the internet since 1997 at The purpose of the material on that website is to explain a massive build-up of armaments by the U.S.

The “Statement of Principles” page is the one which bears Cheney’s signature and others. They pull no punches – the goal is that the U.S. should actively seek to rule the world. Interestingly, since it was written in 1997 (long before 9/11), the amount of attention dedicated to defense or terrorism is much less than concerns about economic dominance. This is one very telling article, on account of its date, because what the administration would now have us believe is that all the military build-up is about terrorism. This article confirms that military build-up was the plan long ago.

Further giving the lie to arguments about going to war because of Saddam Hussein is some text in the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” document, dated June 3, 2000. Note that this was also published before 9/11. There we read the following concerning Saddam Hussein (emphasis mine):

“… Though the immediate mission of those forces is to enforce the no-fly zones over northern and southern Iraq, they represent the long-term commitment of the United States and its major allies to a region of vital importance. Indeed, the United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.” (page 26 of Acrobat download (right column), which is page 14 in the text of the document)

Why take another’s word for it? Let the architects of the Iraq slaughter tattle on themselves.

This is a sorrowful time, to see so many in the church being duped by lies. As one friend put it, “it’s like they’re all under a spell.” Let’s all pray that some information like this might open a few eyes.

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  • “How can believers stomach the tv fleering at them with all this wanton greed, etc.?”

    It’s easy. Poison tastes good. I can’t rightfully follow the rant any further since I’m still eating it too 🙁 But I know at least 1 each, Rep AND Dem, who are addicted to a show called “American Idol”…

  • With television our country, our culture, will “fall on its own sword.” We are hated for television, and what it depicts us to be (doesn’t speak for me, but as a U.S. citizen I would be presumed to represent certain things – especially immoral). Just by the way, I keep doing this search on a Bible search engine trying to understand the phrase “teaches my servants to eat things sacrificed to idols” (too lengthy for entry here), which involves compromise with the world’s system. How can believers stomach the tv fleering at them with all this wanton greed, etc.? The day a lot of believers SHOOT their tv sets and go on strike – or maybe even refuse to do commerce on the Sabbath – is the day we will smack of salt and light to the world, for sure.

  • thanks. Actually I found that ‘by accident’ just like this site 😉

    and yes, isn’t it wrong to say that they hate us because of our freedom and never allow that there are indeed rational reasons that many in the world curse the US? I think they should hate what we’re exporting. FSTV ran a documentary on the first Gulf ‘War’, where they offered that Saudis hate us because we (filthy infidels) have a military base on their land. Islam is separatist in some ways, and look at us with our military force… nope. No freedom of religion for you. And their government… I assume is on our side because it’s their oil we need and our money they get. Hmm.

  • Great work hunting up that article. TV is so pernicious – there is a thread elsewhere on this site (Abortions Up Under Bush: Old News Ignored by the Pro-Life Right ) where the comment section discusses the impossibility of dealing with the problem of teen pregnancy with abstinence ed in one ear, and tv in the other. Connie said something I have been waiting to hear for ages: why don’t Christians do a moratorium on cable and start making demands? This is hideous, to inflict this evil on Iraqis, but sorry to say, the US govt seems to want to co-opt everything. Which is coming back to bite us. Or what other nation has a good part of the world’s billion-something Moslems praying dailly for its destruction (they pray for “death to America”)? This should be a stout message to the US, but no one in our govt seems to thing it could result in trouble. I say, what our govt is really doing is seeking to incite civil war in a society that doesn’t want it (what, they’ve got only 40,000 people “volunteering” to be the new army?), and all our govt will accomplish is to align enemies against a common greater enemy – our govt and our many innocent citizens who do not want this action. Some day, as my late father always said, our chickens will come home to roost. He always told me that the economy was “a house of cards,” and that I would live to see it fall. I think the Bush regime is getting us there, and quickly.