I fear the spirit of melancholy and constraint.



  • Let’s not be one of those – not too common, but still we see them around – negative, controlling, crabby, critical, always pessimistic Christians …
    • We needn’t pattern our lives and thoughts after the great sourpusses of history,
    • nor even the experts of fear and manipulation who live in our towns.
  • Jesus claims to bring Hope, Joy, Freedom, Peace, Thankfulness;
    • and there are millions who say it’s true today.
    • And the Apostle Paul lists those as chief blessings.
    • These great blessings are carried to us by the Spirit.
  • Even if it seems we SHOULD feel bad, like maybe we deserve it –
    • it definitely is OK, whenever we can, to let go of the melancholy that wants to cling to us.
    • And it’s definitely OK to live in an experience of joy, and awareness of love – even if we don’t deserve it – because Christ has purchased that for us.
  • And you know, life is more fun with hope and joy and healthy freedom.
    • It’s also more productive.
    • It’s the way things work best,
    • and it’s the way it’s meant to be.
    • THAT’s why the author quoted above said “I fear.” He/she knew how damaging it can be.
  • We may need some counseling; we may need some practice, but let’s learn to walk away from that spirit of melancholy and constraint. 🙂


I fear the spirit of melancholy and constraint.

– unknown


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