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Hey, It’s New Year’s Eve

Celebrate however seems appropriate. But take care of yourself. The whole point is that we earthlings have another year to enjoy and deal with. We’ll appreciate your presence for and involvement in that...

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Cinco de Mayo

That’s “the fifth of May.” Wikipedia A brief history of the day. 5 Tex-Mex recipes / Hundreds of Mexican recipes / More recipes for Cinco de Mayo

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“A Little Baby Thing”

December 16, 2004 Here’s an old Christmas poem we love. We have it memorized and quote it together several times a year. It was written by a man C S Lewis admired very much, George MacDonald. They all were looking for a...

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Merry Christmas If You Can

December 7, 2004 I apologize for my five-day absence from these pages. Among other things, I’m working to get up a whole new site structure that has better compatiblity with more browsers. It will also allow more extensive...

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