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Who’s Pro-life?

Sent to me by a friend: “Pro-life” + no helpful legislation = pro-choice So you “vote pro-life” eh? And what good has that done? There are many steps we could take to significantly reduce abortions in...

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Another Pro-Life Democrat

Being a Democrat is often a result of a concern for ordinary folks, for working people, for those who are discriminated against (as rural people or rural counties sometimes are), or for those who have unusual vulnerability to...

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So Who Is Pro Abortion?

Here’s Howard Dean speaking the other day in Utah: “I’m tired of Republicans telling us we’re pro-abortion. I served on the board of Planned Parenthood for five years. I don’t know anybody...

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Wish I’d Said That!

No doubt many things called “prayer” are quite useless in every respect, but nothing is more relevant to social conditions than the transformation of persons that comes from prayer at its best.~Dallas WillardTweet

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