America’s Problem & Blessing: People Who Take the Bible Seriously (with 2 Rules of Interpretation)

Frankie Schaeffer grew up in a modern, politically radical, Americanized “Christianity”. He is not pleased with what it teaches or how it operates. In a recent article he gives a fairly thorough explanation of his concerns and how they relate to current political personalities – e.g. Michelle Bachmann. I have to agree with much of what Schaeffer says. Here’s an example: America has a problem: It’s filled with people who take the Bible seriously. America has a blessing: It’s filled with people who take the Bible seriously. … Continue reading

Christians! Please Let’s Not Parrot Shallow and Insulting Hypocrites.

Did you see the recent comment from “Donna”? It stirred me up! Come on people! Christian integrity and humility should compel you to allow that those who voted for Obama are NOT thereby proven to be ignorant or reprobate! I know that my response refers to the behavior and attitudes of the “religious right” as if they could be sterotyped. But in fact, in my experience, these problems VERY consistently show up in people who get their input from those sources – they are stereotypical responses. On the other hand my experience with Christian Democrats shows them almost always to … Continue reading

Damaged by False Prophets? Let’s Do It Better From Here On.

I.  Young Adult Attitudes Toward American Christianity Recently I wrote about how young adult “outsiders” – people not involved in churches – think of Christians in this country, based on research overseen by David Kinnaman and reported in his recent book. [My posts: “They Will Know”, “World’s View”.   Kinnaman’s book is unChristian, based on an extensive research project by The Barna Group. It’s valuable but not pleasant reading.] At the end of each of his main chapters Kinnaman includes comments from other Christian leaders. Here’s some of what Brian McLaren had to say (p 172). (Here are a few posts … Continue reading

Don’t Forward Lying Emails About Public Figures Like Obama – It’s Not a Christian Thing To Do.

I. Waves of Slander I don’t have statistics, but we all know there’s a lot of falsehood circulating freely online. An email arrives with frightening accusations or innuendos and the reader gets frightened (as was intended) and forwards the email to warn others of the great danger revealed. But what if the email is one of the mostly false ones? How should we react if we’re not entirely sure of it’s truthfulness? After all, when we accept at face value lies about a person, group, or situation, and repeat those lies, we have put ourselves in a very bad place … Continue reading

American Repentance – Will the Church be “Left Behind?”

If America “repents” – if America is repenting right now – is the Bush-devoted wing of American Christianity going to be “left behind”? “Repent”, you know, means to re-evaluate, re-think, and change direction. It seems to me a lot of Americans are doing that this year in regard to a whole lot of our public behavior, especially as exemplified in the actions and words of the top leaders of our government. It seems to me America is repenting of a diet of lies we’ve been allowing our politicians and media to feed us. We’re repenting of ignoring or abusing the … Continue reading

Oh The Hypocrisy! If Republicans Do It, “Christians” Ignore It.

Two questions about two recent scandals: 1. How do “Christian conservatives” react? 2. How do real Christian conservatives react? Recent Scandal I: White House Loves to Torture, Forces Congress to Approve! 1. Falwell’s Liberty University website actually has a column DEFENDING that perversity! [“Coercive interrogation techniques a necessary evil” by Jenni Thurman] 2. A friend wrote Focus on the Family wondering why Focus was expressing no concern about torture as a new American moral value. The answer? That’s not what they are choosing to focus on in this election cycle. in a world as complex and multifaceted as ours it … Continue reading

Theocracy (“God” Runs the Government) –
We Would Deeply Regret It

(One of my letters to the editor of a local newspaper.) I am a church person, a person of faith. But I don’t think the US needs a government that rules as if it were the voice of God. This nation’s Constitution was written partly in order to help us avoid theocracy. Unfortunately there are Americans today who clearly think the Founders were wrong. They want their groups of churches to dictate to the White House, the Congress, the Courts and the rest of us. We do need God’s wisdom, help, and protection. I hope we seek and pray for … Continue reading