A Covenant for Civility (Sojourners)

[You can sign this covenant online at the Sojourners site. I have added underlines and bolds to the version below.] How good and pleasant it is when the people of God live together in unity. -Psalm 133:1 As Christian pastors and leaders with diverse theological and political beliefs, we have come together to make this covenant with each other, and to commend it to the church, faith-based organizations, and individuals, so that together we can contribute to a more civil national discourse. The church in the United States can offer a message of hope and reconciliation to a nation that … Continue reading

“Bring Us Back To A Unity of Love”

God, good beyond all that is good, fair beyond all that is fair, in you is calmness peace and concord. Heal the dissensions that divide us from one another and bring us back to a unity of love bearing some likeness to your divine nature. Amen – Dionysius of Alexandria, A.D. 264 This is from another … Continue reading

Economic Judgment Coming, or Repentance – or Both?

The prior post (“Twillight of the Gods – Greed and Money“) mentioned increasing economic distress throughout our nation. This is for real. I expect it will continue, though the extent to which it spreads and strengthens, and it’s impact on our international positions, are very much debatable questions. We could be facing major tragedies in our economic life. That means major tragedies for millions of individual Americans and their families. But we could also be moving into a time of repentance. … Continue reading

We Make Ourselves Real By Telling The Truth

[Last weekend the public library sponsored one of those huge used book sales. For less than $20 we got about 3 dozen books. One of life’s pleasures! And most of them, after a week, I’m still glad we got. (Where we’re going to put them is another question.)] Here’s some good stuff from No Man Is An Island by Thomas Merton, a collection of essays. These are the first two paragraphs of Chapter 10, “Sincerity.” We make ourselves real by telling the truth. … Continue reading

Shall We Ignore the Recent Past – Or Does America Need Some Form of ‘Truth Commission’?

What do you do when it’s over? One of the problems left by an authoritarian or extensively dishonest and illegal regime is this – how much do we need to talk about or otherwise “deal with” such misbehavior once the national power balances have changed? Remember what Gerald Ford said when he became President after Nixon resigned? “Our long national nightmare is over.” Unfortunately it wasn’t. The illegalities and other offenses were swept under one of history’s bigger rugs; but the bulge remained to haunt us. It seems those same attitudes and behaviors have revisited us … Continue reading

Washington Post Cites Impact of anti-Obama Emails and Rumors

The Post interviewed Jim Peterman in Findlay, Ohio about the true and false input he gets about Barack Obama and it’s effect on him. I. The Marketplace of “Facts” They see Peterman as an “open-minded” voter, and ponder the deluge of lying “information” about Obama that Peterman faces in his community and on the internet. Peterman has watched enough news and campaign advertisements to hear the truth: Sen. Barack Obama, born in Hawaii, is a Christian family man … Continue reading