An editorial in the Tahlequah (Ok) Daily Press illustrates how difficult it is for some to be consistently pro-life. The occasion was the anniversary in January of Roe vs. Wade. (Emphases added.) First, the author attacks the hypocrisy of the very narrow “pro-life” focus that many activists practice in the US; then they go on to discuss some proposed Oklahoma legislation designed to actually help solve the abortion problem.

Anyone who participated in this week’s protests against Roe vs. Wade,” but at the same time is an enthusiastic proponent of the death penalty, assisted suicide, or unjust war, cannot honestly claim to be “pro-life.”

…. True “pro-lifers” honor the dignity of the human person, “from womb to tomb.” The notion that an embryo in its seventh week of gestation has more intrinsic worth than a frightened young man of 19 whose buddy has just been blown to bits by a suicide bomber’s rage is utterly without logic.

…. Abortion foes are often the same people who support cuts to social programs that encourage women to keep – or at least give birth to – their babies. This has been the case with many Bush supporters …. abortions tend to increase under such conditions.

The author mentions some pending legislation in Oklahoma, then makes this very strong statement:

Earmarking money for pregnant women, in [Oklahoma] House Bill 1696, is by far the most important proposal, because it’s the only real way society can hope to reduce abortions. Banning them outright won’t necessarily work: As we know from our experiments in Prohibition, bans may stop the legal procedure, but will reopen a lucrative – and dangerous – black market, and will criminalize desperate women.

HB 1696 … would allow taxpayers to divert up to $100 dollars of their state taxes to fund groups such as Birth Choice of Oklahoma and Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which provide aid to pregnant women and their babies. Tax dollars can also be funneled to programs for domestic violence shelters and rape crises centers.

The article ends with a good summary of the crucial issues – which, not surprisingly, are very much issues of attitude.

“Pro-Life Democrats believe, as [Pope] John Paul II said, that the only way to end abortion is to form a radical solidarity with the woman. Pro-Life Democrats believe that the only way to stop the tragedy of abortion is to love and help both the mother and her baby.”

Democrats need to … strip some of the false patina from politicians like George Bush, who talk the talk just long enough to get the vote. These Democrats have shown they’re willing to walk, too.