Big Beautiful Land

We really didn’t mean to ignore you all. We’re now back in Nebraska from our wonderful vacation: saw Santa Fe, Prescott, Phoenix, L.A. (Long Beach, ‘the valley’, Ojai, Santa Barbara), Chaco Canyon, Boulder, and lots in between, and several relatives and good friends (those categories overlap considerably). Also lots of neat art galleries, bookstores, etc.

There’s nothing like: the plains of eastern Colorado, Flagstaff, the Mojave, the LA freeway system, Navajo country (Dinetah), rain over the mountains between Santa Fe and Raton, etc. etc. etc. This is a big beautiful land with much significant history and many wonderful people! It’s worth whatever we can and need to give.

Internet access was much less available and less convenient than we expected. Barb submitted the article on love growing cold while we were gone, but I was unable to get it online until today. Thanks, Barb, for your concern and your effort. And our apologies to all who come here expecting to find something new more often than once every ten days! The frequency will now go up — at least as compared to the last two weeks.

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