Fox “News” – Still Hurting People I Care About

True story: A friend recently complained that she was really hurting and really needed health care. But she didn’t sign up for the ACA because “everybody” was saying it was such a disaster. Now she finds out some friends of hers went ahead and signed up and are now very well taken care of for very minimal monthly expense. We know who the “everybody” was who persuaded her that Obamacare was a waste of her time. She seems to be angry about that. Strange …

Theocracy (“God” runs the government) is a Really Bad Idea.

(One of my letters to the editor of a local newspaper.) I am a church person, a person of faith. But I don’t think the US needs a government that rules as if it were the voice of God. This nation’s Constitution was written partly in order to help us avoid theocracy. Unfortunately there are Americans today who clearly think the Founders were wrong. They want their groups of churches to dictate to the White House, the Congress, the Courts and the rest of us. We do need God’s wisdom, help, and protection. I hope we seek and pray for … Continue reading

Not a Democrat. Definitely not a Republican.

This site began as a Christian Democrat site, way back in 2003.  I have been a registered Democrat for probably 43 years; but about four years ago my affiliation changed to independent (“unaffiliated”). I was glad to vote for Obama (twice), and have been pleased with a number of his actions and accomplishments. But I have been very disappointed in his susceptibility to the perspectives of the Wall Street “banksters” who have done so much damage to our economy.  And I was quite angry with his unconcern (at least in public action) about torture by the American government, about killing … Continue reading

The Moral Priorities of Jesus – They Were Not Exactly What We Might Think

Here are 9 very short “chapters” on how Jesus lived and taught. I titled it “The Moral Priorities of Jesus.” What do you think? CHAPTERS Introduction: Jesus was Respected but also Suspected. Why? God: Jesus’ Love for God and Religion Were the Roots of His Morality Inversions: Jesus Sometimes Inverted Common Morals Religion: Jesus and Religion had a Difficult Relationship Friends: Jesus Sometimes Kept Bad Company Economics: To Jesus, Economics and Exploitation were Issues of Morality. The Invisible: For Jesus, the Invisible Always Trumps Self Image: Did Jesus Have An Ego Problem? Conclusion: An Impressive Person! … Continue reading

Bad Times – Bad Religion – Bad Relationships

We live in bad times – or at least the potential is there and growing. Bad religion and bad relationships do NOT prepare us for bad times, nor do they help us get through them. The ancient prophets Isaiah and Micah, among others, have much to say about these issues. These are things the Bible deals with over and over. If we want to be Bible-honoring Christians, these are among the most important things for us to pay attention to. Micah says, briefly and strongly, He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require … Continue reading

Christ Asks Us to Choose His Way, Not Caesar’s.

. . . switch sides from Caesar’s way to Jesus’ way – before it is too late.* – Brian McLaren “Caesar’s way” stands for secular, temporal government or authority. The usage derives from Jesus’ saying, when asked about paying taxes: So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s. (Mt 22:21) Jesus does not promote treason – even against the brutal tyranny of Rome. He does not even promote the idea of protesting against the government by refusing to pay taxes. But Jesus clearly draws a line between God’s interests and Caesar’s. It’s obvious to … Continue reading

Freedom – From Fear

No government can ever guarantee that you or I will have nothing to be afraid of. And as the American Founding Fathers well knew, no government, not even ours, can be trusted with freedom to do just as it wants. The Founders built “checks and balances” into the US Constitution for very good reasons. Political parties, political movements – your neighbors – even your friends and family – can harm you in a variety of ways. It might be accidental; sometimes it is deliberate. Most of us have experienced it at some level or other. There is no law we … Continue reading