Army Rips Off Veterans – Disses the Troops – Are We Outraged Yet?

This is not some left-wing propaganda outlet. This is from “The Army Times” (“Your online resource for everything Army”), in an article posted today.

The Army is deliberately shortchanging troops on their disability retirement ratings to hold down costs, according to veterans’ advocates, lawyers and service members …

What that means is that veterans unable to work as before – sometimes unable to work at all – are dumped out into society without support. They and their families are often dropped directly into poverty and the horrors of living with severe disability with limited help. And they are being put into such positions by us (through our government), the ones who recruited them with such high promises, and sent them to Iraq with such loud bragging and bravado.

I guess that’s why our leaders and their strong supporters like to say “support the troops” – because they personally will avoid supporting them if at all possible, and somebody should do it. You suppose?

“These people are being systematically underrated,”? said Ron Smith, deputy general counsel for Disabled American Veterans. “It’s a bureaucratic game to preserve the budget, and it’s having an adverse affect on service members.”?

“Adverse effect” is bureaucratese for “these wounded troops are being seriously abused by the Army.”

… in the Army — in the midst of a war — the number of soldiers approved for permanent disability retirement has plunged by more than two-thirds, from 642 in 2001 to 209 in 2005

This administration and it’s agents are truly miracle workers! We start a war, and Army disablilty retirements go DOWN!

That decline has come even as the war in Iraq has intensified and the total number of soldiers wounded or injured there has soared above 15,000.

The system is complicated … and the counselors who advise troops often have insufficient training or experience. Service members also assume that after months spent in a war zone, the military will look out for them, critics say.

Wrong assumption, folks. Understandable, but mistaken.

Compared to the overall size of the defense budget, disability retirement costs are relatively small.

Not small enough to keep us from trying to make them smaller – while private contractor budgets in Iraq are enormous and often uncontrolled. “The rich get richer ….”

There’s a lot that this administration has done or encouraged that outrages me. This is one of the worst. Cheap, brutal, arrogant, devious … Lots of adjectives apply! And they are still adored as “godly” and “Christian.”

But Christ said to judge them by their fruits.


Army Rips Off Veterans – Disses the Troops – Are We Outraged Yet? — 3 Comments

  1. You have to keep in mind that, to the neo-con republican crowd, “the troops” are commodities that can be used to increase their profits and forward their agendas. Unless they can be maintained as “troops” through stop-loss, reserve activation, or some other kind of backdoor draft, vets are basically used up, and irrelevant. When they say “support the troops”, think more of some Civil War era plantation owner “supporting” his slaves. He gives them enough food, clothing, and shelter to maintain their usefulness to him. The ones who cease to be useful no longer require support.

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