[This is the first part of the email I quoted from in the prior post.]

I’m a fellow Christian who talks to a lot of people about my faith. I’ve had conversations with many atheists, Jews, homosexuals, and agnostics, and I take a lot of emotional abuse from a lot of non-believers because of what they “think” Christianity is about.

Every one of the non-believers I’ve had the opportunity to talk to, without exception, attacked me for being part of Christianity, which they more or less feel is a fascist organization out to squash the freedoms and free will of Americans, a religious faith that teaches hypocritical values, with it’s main belief being the social war waged on homosexuals (and abortion).

An amazing thing happens when I bear up under the initial attack for being Christian and explain to the people I talk to what Christianity is really about. They begin to treat me with respect and sometimes with a little time will even express an appreciation for my devotion to my beliefs. Once most of the people I talk to learn what Christianity is really about, i’m no longer abused, but treated with some degree of respect.

Over time, I’ve become a little numb to emotional attacks. I expect it and deal with the anger toward Christians by non-believers pretty well.

Recently, though, I’ve been talking online with other Christians – many from what we call “the religious right”. When certain topics come up, they inevitable learn of my “leftist” leanings, which I believe protect God-given freedoms and God-given free will, as well as protecting the rights of the poor and needy to be helped.

Within the past few days, I was repeatedly attacked and called names by other Christians from the right, who view my leftist leanings as protecting abortion, encouraging homosexuality, and believe it or not, promoting welfare for people who should be able to stand on their own two feet.

Last night, one fellow Christian called me “an unorganized, grab-assing (?), piece of sh–. Another angrily told me that I was going to hell for not embracing “true Christian beliefs”, and another angrily called me “Godless”. One even called Christians from the left “abortionists”.

I am completely devoted to scripture. I love Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My entire life force is about love for my faith and obedience, though I often fail. My thoughts are most often with and about God and His agenda, what’s in His heart and His desire for mankind.

I’m used to taking harsh attacks from non-believers, but this attack from conservatives truly wounded me. My own Christian brothers and sisters in Christ attacking me with a lot of hate.

I think what actually hurt me the most was the hurt that Christ must feel that his children are doing this to one another.