(Reviving this site.)
“Not a Democrat. Definitely Not a Republican.”
“Responses to Some Questions About this Site”

PublicChristian.com is a one-man-one-woman operation.

I, Larry, am the main writer, but there’s a lot of good stuff in comments by others and in some guest articles.

As you can see in the articles we have a very high regard for the Christian Bible. We have much less regard for those who use it dishonestly or ignorantly – “false prophets” – an epidemic of late. Thus Connie and I are very concerned about how the Gospel and Scripture are mis-represented in politics (especially Republican politics), religious media and the churches.

Since spending two years in the Army in the ’60s, I’ve been a high school and college teacher (history, philosophy, ethics), business trainer, rural mail carrier, and pastor (as I am currently). I’m a third generation preacher’s kid who was raised Republican but have been a Democrat for over forty years. While certain Dems can drive me nuts and even frighten me at times, I feel absolutely no attraction to the Republican party, to put it mildly. I briefly ran for state Legislature but a heart attack changed my plans. Howard Dean’s campaign motivated me to start putting articles online in Sept ’03.

My wife Connie is a valuable editorial consultant and also chief cheerleader for this site. Connie has her own business as a bookkeeping consultant and trainer for individuals and small businesses.

Between us we have kids, kids-in-law, and a passel of grandkids.

We believe much of the public agitation about abortion and homosexuality is deliberately intended to distract people from much more important and dangerous issues.

We are pro-Life – but convinced that we need a strategy that actually reduces abortions, rather than one that politicizes the issue for temporal gain and endangers women without dealing with root causes.

We are very interested in defending marriage – but want it to be done with a more effective and more Christian strategy than that of harassing or attacking gays

We must deal with the fact that the sins the Bible actually stresses over and over are things like greed, extortion, lies and hypocrisy, self-indulgence, arrogance, hate, oppression, etc., especially among the religious, political, and economic elites.

We think Jesus is still asking, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord” and do not do what I say?” and we American evangelicals need to start adjusting our behavior in response to his question.

For more on all that, see the rest of the site! Thanks for your interest.

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