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“Not a Democrat. Definitely Not a Republican.”
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PublicChristian.com is a one-man-one-woman operation.

I, Larry, am the main writer, but there’s a lot of good stuff in comments by others and in some guest articles.

As you can see in the articles we have a very high regard for the Christian Bible. We have much less regard for those who use it dishonestly or ignorantly – “false prophets” – an epidemic of late. Thus Connie and I are very concerned about how the Gospel and Scripture are mis-represented in politics (especially Republican politics), religious media and the churches.

Since spending two years in the Army in the ’60s, I’ve been a high school and college teacher (history, philosophy, ethics), business trainer, rural mail carrier, and pastor (as I am currently). I’m a third generation preacher’s kid who was raised Republican but have been a Democrat for over forty years. While certain Dems can drive me nuts and even frighten me at times, I feel absolutely no attraction to the Republican party, to put it mildly. I briefly ran for state Legislature but a heart attack changed my plans. Howard Dean’s campaign motivated me to start putting articles online in Sept ’03.

My wife Connie is a valuable editorial consultant and also chief cheerleader for this site. Connie has her own business as a bookkeeping consultant and trainer for individuals and small businesses.

Between us we have kids, kids-in-law, and a passel of grandkids.

We believe much of the public agitation about abortion and homosexuality is deliberately intended to distract people from much more important and dangerous issues.

We are pro-Life – but convinced that we need a strategy that actually reduces abortions, rather than one that politicizes the issue for temporal gain and endangers women without dealing with root causes.

We are very interested in defending marriage – but want it to be done with a more effective and more Christian strategy than that of harassing or attacking gays

We must deal with the fact that the sins the Bible actually stresses over and over are things like greed, extortion, lies and hypocrisy, self-indulgence, arrogance, hate, oppression, etc., especially among the religious, political, and economic elites.

We think Jesus is still asking, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord” and do not do what I say?” and we American evangelicals need to start adjusting our behavior in response to his question.

For more on all that, see the rest of the site! Thanks for your interest.

• On Connie’s daughter Chelsea – “Enjoying and Praying for Chelsea”
• On my Dad’s passing – “Promoted to Glory.”


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  1. Great blog. I am just finishing college with a degree in US. History. A lot of subjects you write about are major questions Ive been studying for the last four years and its great to read someone with similar conclusions.

    As a christian myself, I find myself disgusted by the hijacking and shameless twisting of christianity by the GOP and other politicians. Its a very sad thing to see good christians being placed into a boat with agendas that dont fit with what Jesus teaches. Using abortion and anti homosexual stances to gain support from christians for its own conservative agendas, the GOP is hurting the United States and turning more and more people away from God.

    I dont believe you distorting the word of God as Randle says; in fact, I think you are very fair. Your use of scripture is skillful and thought provoking. Your writing has an absence of overbearing bias and aggressive tone that makes it capable for readers to reflect and pray about what you are suggesting without being offended. It would be wonderful to have you as a pastor and encourage you to keep on with your ministry. I appreciate your contribution to the discourse and look forward to more posts.

  2. Randle, you are the one wrong Larry is right . Jesus did advocated Responsability..Big time responsability. Basically the more you have the greater is your responsability toward others. Please read Luke chapter 16 verses 19 to 31. The parabole of the Rich man and Lazarus. Read the parabole of the good Samaritan ……Those are just few samples
    Why are Republicans always claiming that the rich became rich because they work harder and the poor became poor because they don’t work …nothing farther from the thruth.
    There are very hard working poor people, like there is lazy rich people too. Actually the majority of the top 1% in the USA are in that top 1% percent due to Hedge Funds and Market inversions not hard work …..
    Actually who’s working harder ….A miner or Rush Linbaugh?
    Who’s working harder and have more responsability a Teacher or Hannity ?
    A big and strong middle class have made of America what America is today. You can fall into poverty at any moment if you find yourself sick or losing your job …and they are many other multiple reasons. If you find yourself in dead end Job that pays meager wages instead of fair wages thats another reason for poverty…As Christians and as Citizens of this country we do have a big Responsability to care for each other. That responsability start with good education and good health care for all …then after you have been Responsible in providing for their basic needs then you can hold everyone accountable. By the way the top 1% that claim to care so much for this country and not just their Wealth …why are not more of them participants in our Military ? Will not also be fair for all to serve? Why is always the poor that is left to defend this country?
    As a business owner or dreamer of a great idea .. you need other peoples help in order for that dream or idea to become a reality, so they are not just your employees but your business partners as well …so they should be paid and treat as one not as slave ..Why?…because your Idea will be nothing without their help . Can you transport your merchandise to other markets without roads ? Can you communicate without a Technitian placing a computer or telephones at your business location? Can your customer service provide info without knowing how to read? ….. as you can see ..we are all interconnected …our lives are all interconnected and that is why we have a BIG RESPONSABILITIES toward others…That action is what actually going to guarantee our freedom… not Anarchy ….a total disregard for our responsabilities toward other, that also give a rise to crime , division and lost of freedom at the end.
    By the way please also read Chapter 4 verses 32 to 35 …

  3. Hello Larry,

    You say,

    “As you can see in the articles we have a very high regard for the Christian Bible. We have much less regard for those who use it dishonestly or ignorantly – “false prophets” – an epidemic of late. Thus Connie and I are very concerned about how the Gospel and Scripture are mis-represented in politics (especially Republican politics), religious media and the churches.”

    And then you go on to do exactly what you say you are against. You use the scripture dishonestly or ignorantly.

    You quote the Bible over and over. You say you are a pastor. Well the mark of a good pastor is to continue learning. You appear to me to be closed minded.

    You seem to state that Jesus was against wealth. The Bible does not state that.

    The scriptures you quote in the Bible…yes, it is what it is….taken in context. But you, and I guess your wife, and *most Democrats…advocate that the government is the responsible party. Jesus never once advocated that anywhere in the Bible. In fact it can be said that he was anti-government. Democrats are pro-government….”can the vine bear figs?”

    We as Christians are challenged to perform deeds as *Individuals*….and not to just simply turn over our profits to a “more intelligent, all knowing, government entity”.

    ….as you and some others seem to advocate.

  4. I love your blog. I found an old article and thought you had stopped writing, but I’m enjoying every morsel of it. Thank you for the great information. God bless you. Gael

  5. Thank You !!!! It is a Joy to find people that really love God and not Money. We have far to many False Prophets distorting the word of God to push the Republican Agenda. It saddens me how they are distorting the true Christian values and promoting HATE in their churches.
    Jesus said “Give to Cesar what belong to Cesar and to God what belong to God” (Separation of Church and State). It is not the responsability of the state to teach FAITH. It is the responsability of the Family and the Church.
    Jesus was all about Social Justice not about Greed. There are many ways of killing a person …abortion is not the only one…
    When we deny the right to Health Care, when we deny education, when we denied the right to reasonable wages for our workers so they can provide for their families …we are also killing people. Actually Jesus spoke more against the sins of Greed, selfishness, hate, false testimony than about abortion or homosexuality.
    True Democrasy is a goverment for the people by the people. Not a goverment for the wealthy by the wealthy .

  6. This site is wonderful and so, so needed! I came across this site looking for answers, since I am increasingly frustrated with why my evangelical Christian friends are so politically conservative, as I find the Republican record and platform to be, in many ways, the antitheses of Jesus’ life and teachings. I know the Bible fairly well through studies in the Methodist church growing up and heavy involvement in an evangelical Christian campus ministry in college. I now work in health and aging policy for a wonderful boss who is both a Democrat and Christian, and is an inspiration to me. She has had to defend her faith throughout her political career, which seems unfair when it should be self-evident that Democratic positions and Christian doctrine are so congruent.

    I have wondered for years whether anyone has ever done an empirical study or content analysis comparing Jesus’ words (could stick to the red letters only or branch out to broader teachings, epistles, etc.) to the Republican versus Democrat records/platforms/priorities. There are actually computer programs in existence that could conduct such an analysis – one, sold by a company called Autonomy* – is very sophisticated…we’re not just talking about counting the number of times Jesus says “love” or something akin to a Google keyword search…there are technologies today that can conduct meaning-based information mining and analysis. I think this kind of analysis could show objectively the relative weights Jesus put on issues like abortion and homosexuality (the main reasons conservative Christians tend to vote Republican) versus issues like caring for the poor, healing the sick, ridding yourself of worldly riches and possessions to live a life of humility. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that Jesus would agree abortion is a good thing or that He would condone homosexuality…however, how do these rank in terms of His priorities? How do they rank in importance to evangelical voters? That is the disconnect! In a good analysis, I think you could see clearly that most Republican priorities are out of whack with Jesus’ priorities. I know you have discussed Jesus’ moral priorities in another post. But my scientific mind wants to see actual data; I’m convinced it’s there.

    I’m just so surprised that no one has used the technologies at our disposal today to make a good comparison of Jesus’ teachings to the Democratic and Republican positions (at least, not that I’ve found). There must be a research institution somewhere that has access to this kind of software and a theologian or philosopher who could use a good thesis topic, right? Thoughts?

    *I have no affiliation with Autonomy Corporation and am in no way trying to promote it…just know someone who used to work there, so I’m familiar with its particular product.

  7. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    I just stumbled upon this site and it warms my heart. How I wish I had written so many of the things I’ve read here.

    My husband and I attend a large bible preaching church in Philadelphia. While we love our church, we often feel in the great minority when it comes to politics. We’re frequently discouraged by the blind promotion of Conservative Republicanism by people who are really one issue voters (abortion). Most of our friends are honest to goodness Christians who, by their actions and votes, show that they think abortion and homosexuality are greater sins than greed, selfishness and oppression. How I long for them to see that true change is not legislated but brought about on a person by person level. It doesn’t please God to have people follow his commands because they’re forced to. We’re told that God will judge us based on the motives or our hearts. So is a young woman better off if she just hates and wishes death on the child she is forced to carry? Abortion is tragic, so lets focus on ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortion alternatives. Once the abortion issue is off the table, the Conservative Republican agenda does little to promote the wellbeing of the widows, orphans and the other underprivileged and unheard voices in our society that Jesus was primarily concerned with.

    Thank You for your voice and the obvious time and effort you put into these articles. Please be encouraged and keep it up.

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