We can support policies that actually tend to reduce abortions in the short run. Or we can adopt a political strategy of taking over every branch of government with like-minded politicians so we can (try to) use the long arm of the law to force people to not have abortions – someday in a golden future.

This is from an article in the “New England Journal of Medicine”

The recent experience in Massachusetts suggests that universal health care coverage has been associated with a decrease in the number of abortions performed,

And this actual “decrease in the number of abortions performed” comes

despite public and private funding of abortion that is substantially more liberal than the provisions of the federal legislation currently under consideration by Congress.

Just what one would expect. Better healthcare options = fewer abortions. So if we want fewer abortions, let us please begin to provide those better options for our fellow citizens!

As of February 2010, more than 439,000 additional people were covered by health insurance, according to the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy, yet the most recent data indicate that the number of abortions in Massachusetts simultaneously reached its lowest level since at least the 1970s.

[Thanks to dkos for the clue-in.]