These are the thoughts of Raymond Friday Locke, from his The Book of the Navajo, Mankind Pub Co, 2001 edition, p5. His take on Navajo culture and perspectives is widely respected.

The Navajos for the most part have long resisted Christianity. They look upon it as a “part-time” religion where a man’s god is available to him for only a few hours on Sunday and then has to be sought out in a special house where his spirit dwells.

Now where would they ever get that idea as to what Christianity is?

From the beginning, the Navajos were repulsed by the European’s disrespect for and misuse of the landA society that would destroy the source of life and worship an abstract god in a place set aside for that purpose has, historically, had little to offer the Navajo.

Surely they don’t think of us as such a society?

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