Tonight I feel a lament.

It’s like this: everyone I know who is a believer who is currently not active in a church seems to perceive what’s going on, with these sneaky things the government has been doing. My husband and I can’t think of any time in U.S. history when things have been this bad in terms of public/private relationship etc. But every believer I know who is a regular participant in a congregation is under the spell – talking in praise of Bush and the slaughter in Iraq. It’s as if there were some mass contact infection being shared within the church.

My last dealing with a congregation involved a sweet messianic group who began holding to a teaching that women had to refrain from attending worship during their periods… which still blows my mind… and I’m still looking around for someplace I could dare take my husband. But that’s beyond the scope of the moment.

It’s a long-winded way of saying thank you, your website is now serving as a home to us. Even though we are surrounded by churches, I dread pulling into a parking lot jammed full of vehicles with Bush/Cheney stickers on them.

What is going on? Are the times as pernicious as they seem? I keep thinking that if I just stare at the picture long enough it will clear up, but everything I read in Scripture or elsewhere, everything I hear from people directly, and everything I catch on the internet only amplifies my sense of alarm. I wish a “political opinion” were something benign, but I fear emerging from a church talking like the rest of them. Something more deeply destructive is at work, some spiritual work of darkness, and it’s just like my friend said: it’s like they’re all under a spell. Is this the “apostasy?”

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