And Now? Hard Times and Good News.

Bad News Warren Buffett, the widely respected Omaha multi-billionaire, used the phrase “Pearl Harbor” to describe the significance of our nation’s current economic crisis, a phrase he has never before used about the economy. Many other very reputable people feel the same way. “Pearl Harbor” was a very damaging air attack on our forces in Hawaii and it got us involved in World War II. It was a surprise, deadly, and very frightening It took a demanding and costly effort, but we did pull out of it. The sense of things now seems to be that again we are in for some rough years,

“Bring Us Back To A Unity of Love”

God, good beyond all that is good, fair beyond all that is fair, in you is calmness peace and concord. Heal the dissensions that divide us from one another and bring us back to a unity of love bearing some likeness to your divine nature. Amen – Dionysius of Alexandria, A.D. 264 This is from another

Economic Judgment Coming, or Repentance – or Both?

The prior post (“Twillight of the Gods – Greed and Money“) mentioned increasing economic distress throughout our nation. This is for real. I expect it will continue, though the extent to which it spreads and strengthens, and it’s impact on our international positions, are very much debatable questions. We could be facing major tragedies in our economic life. That means major tragedies for millions of individual Americans and their families. But we could also be moving into a time of repentance.

Words We May Lose

Here’s another excerpt from Stephen Vincent Benet – a man who saw, who felt, who cared much about America, and who could write it down. This is from Selected Works: Vol I: Poetry, p464 – “Nightmare at Noon.” (USA, NYC, 1940) Oh yes, I know the faults … The lyncher’s rope, the bought justice, the wasted land, The scale on the leaf, the borers in the corn, The finks with their clubs, the grey sky of relief, All the long shame of our hearts and the long disunion. I am merely remarking – as a country, we try. As a country, I think we try. They tried in Spain but the tanks and the planes won out. They fought very well and long. They fought to be free but it seems that was not enough. They did not have the equipment …