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Two 5th Anniversaries Compared. 9-11 and Pearl Harbor. Different Results.

5th Anniversay of 9/11, Sep 11, 2006

Iraq is a major quagmire with no plan or end in sight. Civil war is well under way, and the vision of democracy is now so faint as to be undiscernible.

Afghanistan is collapsing back into warlordism and the Taliban are resurgent.

Osama is still unaccounted for, and seems to be under the protection of our “ally” Pakistan, with Bush’s approval.

The Administration wants more troops.

Our reputation around the world and our alliances have suffered greatly.

The economy is in serious danger.

Veterans are being ignored and mistreated by the government that sent them to war.

No peace, no democracy, no plan, no hope, no accountability.

Republicans have been in power in Washington for years.

5th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1946

WW II had been over more than a year.

Hitler was dead and the Nazis defeated.

The Japanese were defeated.

In both Japan and Germany there was NOT civil war, and democracy really was being established.

Troops were coming home.

We had strong alliances and vast respect and clout around the world.

We initiated the G.I. Bill which greatly helped veterans move back into normal life.

The economy was entering a period of growth and prosperity.

Democrats had been in power in Washington for years.

[Thanks to citizenx for this idea.]

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